How to Send What­sApp Mes­sages With­out Adding As a Contact

Namrata Gogoi

Over the years, WhatsApp has replaced the ordinary SMS with its robust and feature rich design. Though it has raced far ahead, the humble SMS has still one advantage over WhatsApp — the ability to send messages without adding the contact number.

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Yes, we have had video calling features, photo filters, disappearing stories,  but still, we can’t send a simple WhatsApp message, if you don’t have the contact saved. Bummer right? Agreed that adding a number doesn’t take a lifetime, but then, why should you clutter your contacts when you won’t use them later.

The best way to send WhatsApp messages without adding the contact number is to borrow the feature from a third-party app. And that’s the only way, after all, you can’t really pull the feature out of thin air.

The app of the hour, in this case, is the Click2Chat WhatsApp app for Android which lets you send and schedule WhatsApp messages. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

1. How to Use Click2Chat

Click2Chat is a one click solution to send WhatsApp messages. It supports numbers from quite a number of countries, including India. What’s more, you can even schedule messages or auto generate jokes using this app.

Once downloaded, all you need to do is select the country, enter the number and message. Tap on Send and you are done! That’s it, no more saving and cluttering your contacts app.

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If it’s the first time you are using the number, WhatsApp will ask you for confirmation before it sends the message from its end. Another nifty trick that this app has up its sleeves, is that you can view all your contact’s WhatsApp Stories.

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2. Alternative Method

The second method uses the built-in dialer app of Android. However, please note that depending on the make of your phone, this option might not be available on some of the handsets.

Here, you’d need to type in the number in the dialer and tap on the three-dot button. Select the option to send a message, which will bring up a number of options including WhatsApp message.

That’s it, just type the message and you are done! But as I said above, this will work only on certain phones.

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Bonus Trick: Adding People to Groups Without Saving Contact

Gone are the days when adding a person to a WhatsApp group meant adding the contact initially. Now all you need to do is head over to the group information page and tap on Add participant.

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Tap on the Invite to group via link option and share the link to the person using the Click2Chat WhatsApp app. Neat, isn’t it?

That’s All, Folks!

So, that was how you can send WhatsApp messages without saving the number. If you ask me, it’s really a cool option to have, especially for those who like to keep their phone neat, organized and clutter-free.

Which method were you using till date to send such messages? We will be waiting to hear back from you!

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