7 Cool Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Cases and Covers

With the launch of the Mi Max 2, Xiaomi has reprised its role as one of the successful phablet builders in India. Armed with a Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor, 4GB RAM and a massive 5300mAh battery, the Mi Max 2 is quite the capable device it’s made out to be.

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However, when it comes to the overall durability, it suffers a huge drawback since Xiaomi isn’t really known for its build quality. Plus, the huge 6.44-inch screen can make matters worse as it tends to slip out of the hand.

So, for such a big phone, adding a case or a cover becomes more important primarily to avoid those accidental drops that could damage it forever.

Here are a few durable Xiaomi Mi Max 2 cases and covers.

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Defender Series for Xiaomi Mi Max 2

1. Bracevor Shockproof Case

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The Bracevor Shockproof case consists of a dual layer design  — a tough outer shell and a shock absorbing inner shell — meant to provide maximum protection to the Mi Max 2. Moreover, it has few heavy-duty anti-slip lines on the rear which makes this huge phone easy to hold.

Owing to the fact that the Mi Max 2 is a multimedia focused device, the Bracevor Shockproof case comes bundled with a kickstand for a hands-free mode.

Buy the Bracevor Shockproof Case from Amazon for Rs. 349

2. Ceffon Defender Back Case

2017 07 27 0 08 47

Another strong and sturdy case is the Ceffon Defender case. Priced at Rs. 799, this case lends a complete protection to the Mi Max 2 by covering the rear with a thick outer shell. And unlike most of the defender series cases, this one features a sleek and compact design.

Buy the Ceffon Defender Back Case from Amazon

3. BlueArmor Rugged Armor Back Cover

2017 07 27 20 29 05

The third on the list of shockproof cases is the BlueArmor Rugged Armor cover. It completes its protection duties without adding much bulk to the device. Along with anti-shock corners, this case sports a smooth brushed texture for a firmer grip on the device.

Buy the BlueArmor Rugged Armor cover from Amazon

Silicon Case for Xiaomi Mi Max 2

4. Kaira Printed Silicon Back Case

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The best thing about silicon covers is that you can have them in a variety of designs and graphics. One such case is the Kaira Printed Silicon back case. It’s made of high-quality silicone and protects the edges from bumps and scratches. Plus, the artistic graphics lend an elegant touch to the Xiaomi Mi Max.

Buy the Kaira Printed Silicon Case from Amazon for just Rs. 349

5. Fabucare Black Silicon Back Case

2017 07 27 0 31 24

If you are not much into printed back covers for your Mi Max 2, how about a jet black silicone cover? If yes, trust the Fabucare Silicon back case to take care of it. Similar to the Kaira cover, the Fabucare case fits snugly around the Mi Max 2 and is made of enduring silicon, but without the artistic touch.

Buy the Fabucare Black Silicon Back case from Amazon

Clear and Leather Cases for Xiaomi Mi Max 2

6. FabuCare Clear Case

2017 07 27 20 24 43

If you are familiar with the design elements of the Mi Max 2, then you must know that the tapered edges of the Mi Max 2 look absolutely ravishing. So, if you’d like to flaunt it, the clear case from FabuCare will do true justice to it.

Priced at Rs. 299, the case sits snugly on the phone and helps protect it from minor scratches and bumps.

Buy the FabuCare Clear Case from Amazon

7. Excelsior Premium Leather Flip Case

2017 07 27 20 19 22

Nothing like a premium quality leather case to add class, right? Trust the Excelsior Leather Flip Case to take care of it. Made of premium high-quality leather, the Excelsior case provides maximum protection to the corners and edges.

Typical of most flip cases, this one also lets you carry your cards and cash in its dedicated slots.

Buy the Excelsior Premium Leather Flip Case from Amazon

Bonus Case: Official Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Smart Flip Cover

2017 07 27 20 18 35

The Official Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Smart case is the perfect flip case for the massive Mi Max 2. Its USP is that the screen intelligently lights up when the cover is lifted. Other than that, it also doubles up as a stand while watching videos and movies.

However, unlike the other cases, this one provides two viewing angles. It’s available at the Mi online store and will set you back by Rs. 699.

Wrapping Up

A strong and durable cover goes a long way in protecting your device against daily scratches and scuffs. The slim and shaved edges of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 feels nice and smooth and the best strategy is to go for a heavy duty cover. Better safe than sorry, correct?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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