3 Unique and Creative World Clock Sites to Compare World Times

The digital realm is a world without borders. There may be no border markers, but one invisible line still separates us from our fellow workers on the opposite side of the globe – Time Zones.

Understanding time zones is important not only for co-ordination and collaboration, but also for respecting someone else’s time. Of course, it’s essential for sticking to the old bugbear of the modern worker…deadlines. Whatever your reasons might be, here are three nifty world clock sites to compare world times quickly and easily.


Qlock World Clock

If you are looking for a simple world clock app that can tell you the time in any part of the part with a mouse-over, then lookup Qlock. You can use the field box to find a city or simply pinpoint it with the mouse. A little time box pops up displaying the current local time and the difference with the GMT, and DST. The Google Maps mashup gives you three views (an overview, a close up view, and a satellite view). Qlock also comes as a downloadable app for Windows (not free), iPhone, and the iPad.

World Time Buddy

World Time Buddy World Clock

If you are trying to compare time zones for any time that’s in the future, World Time Buddy and its neat slider could be just the aid. By default, the world clock detects your city and the current time. You can also mark a home location for reference. You can move the slider back and forth across the timeline to get corresponding times for other cities around the world.

You can easily add multiple cities from the search bar which auto-suggests city names. Tiny pop-ups give you the difference with GMT. But the little feature of sharing the time zones via Gmail, Google Calendar, or simply sharing the link is of great use when it comes to scheduling with others.

GMT Slider

Gmt Slider World Clock

If you liked the utility of the slider from the previous time zone app, you will love the one here (called GMT Slider). Use the dropdown to select location and create a new slider for different time zones and then move them around to quickly compare time differences between the cities on your list. You can export the time zone sliders and share it with your co-workers using a shortened URL. Don’t forget to refresh the view to get the current time. You can also send a tweet to the site and retrieve the time for any city with the direct reply.

Which of the three free online world clock and time zone apps would you bookmark? Also, tell us about any other favorite world clock app.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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