Here’s the Fastest Way to Search Anything on Android

The storage in smartphones these days run into several gigabytes. If you take a look around, even the budget devices easily offer storage up to 64 GBs, at the very least. And in no time this space gets filled up with songs, high-resolution videos, and pictures.

This Is How You Can Get Spotlight Like Search On Android
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If you are into organizing these stuff into folders, it’s all well and good. However, if you are someone like me, who just lets these files stay as they are, searching for them is one hell of a task. Especially if you are using the phone’s built-in file manager, the process of sifting through piles of files and folders can be agonizing.

But what if I told you there exists a certain app which searches through all your documents, contacts, apps just like iPhone’s Spotlight. Well, there’s an app which goes by the name of Fast Finder which makes searching through your Android a cakewalk.

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What is Fast Finder?

Fast Finder is a light Android app which gathers all the search results under a single roof. So whether it’s a contact name or a file name, you wouldn’t need to open the respective apps to search for these. All you need to do is type in a few keywords and it would be presented to you in a jiffy.

This Is How You Can Get Spotlight Like Search On Android 7

The app performs a partial search which means whichever apps or contacts contain that particular string will turn up in the result.

What’s more, Fast Finder also lists the different file types. For instance, if you have to search for only PNG files, all you have to do is type in png and the app will fetch those results in real time. For more specific search, you can put in PNG followed by the search term.

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Features of Fast Find

Like most of the Android apps out there, Fast Finder can also be customized as per your taste. For starters, you can choose which all folders it will search on. All you need to do is tap on the three-dot menu, select Settings and select Manage Search.

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This Is How You Can Get Spotlight Like Search On Android 6

To raise the productivity levels even higher, the Fast Finder app can be easily integrated with your Android launcher. So instead of opening the app and then typing the query, it will automatically kick in when you double tap on the home button.

This Is How You Can Get Spotlight Like Search On Android 4
This Is How You Can Get Spotlight Like Search On Android 3

For Nova launcher, head over to the Gestures menu and set the Double tap on Home screen option to Fast Find.

Another interesting tweak which you can have is by enabling the Enter option. So, the next time when you are searching for a specific thing, tapping on Enter will open the first item on the search result, instead of tapping on it to select it.

Apart from these options, Fast Finder also lets you set the theme, customize the search bar and change the icon shape, among others.

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Though Fast Finder can be compared to the likes of Spotlight, however, its search is restricted only to apps, people, songs, videos, and documents. If you want the app to search your email too, I guess you’d have to wait for future updates.

Parting Thought

Overall, it’s a brilliantly designed app that makes the search functionality fast and quick. What makes this app super cool is that it does its job well without any frills or obstructive ads. If you ask me, it has already found a permanent place on my OnePlus 5.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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