iPhone SE 2 Might be Released Soon but Don’t Get Your Hopes Up


While the tech world is riding high on rumours fed about the upcoming 10-anniversary edition iPhone, being dubbed the iPhone 8, iPhone X and more, there have been reports suggesting that the compact iPhone SE might just get an update with a new device rumoured to be launched in August.


Although there is little credibility to the rumour which was reported by 9to5Mac, the relative popularity of the compact iPhone device might lead the company to issue another one of its kind.

But analysts are of the belief that iPhone SE and iPhone 5 were the last of Apple’s smartphones to come with the compact 4-inch display.

Since most of the manufacturers, as well as consumers, are moving towards bigger screens, with the 5.5-inch display being the new standard among flagship devices.

Although smaller screens are still popular among users, they account for a little percentage of the total population and it seems unlikely that the company will invest its resources in making a device which might seem outdated in face of its competition.

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Apple’s ‘Make in India’ manufacturing unit has just started churning out iPhone’s and even if the rumours are true, it’s highly likely that the company will first release its second-generation iPhone SE to India first, to test its market.

The iPhone SE is currently available in India in two models — 32GB and 128GB — and starts retailing on Amazon at Rs 25,499.

In India, Apple is known for its premium pricing and in order to appeal to a wider audience, the company might launch a new iPhone SE with minor hardware and performance tweaks but a major price drop.

While rumours persist about the features we might or might not see on iOS 11, one thing is for sure that moving ahead, Apple will be focussing its resources more on the 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch and 5.8-inch displays as most of its upcoming and recent device sport the same specs and we’re not sure where that leaves the compact iPhone SE.

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