How to Pin Websites to Windows 7 Taskbar Using IE 9

Internet Explorer 9 was launched with a number of innovative and interesting features, and was probably the first version of IE that received great reviews from the majority of tech community. One of the useful features among them was the ability to pin a website to the taskbar. This new feature helps you to get one click access to your favorite website right from your Windows 7 taskbar along with notifications. (Want to pin apps and folders to taskbar? Check this out – How to Pin Any App or Folder to Windows 7 Taskbar. )

Here is everything you would want to know about the “pinned websites” feature.

How To Pin Websites

There are two ways to pin a website on the taskbar. Both of them are more or less similar to each other and take just a few seconds to complete.

Method 1: Drag the Favicon

Pinn Faviocn

Visit the website you wish to pin on your task bar. Once the page loads successfully, drag the favicon of the website on your taskbar and drop it when you see a translucent pin icon hovering around it.

Method 2: Drag the Tab

Tab Pinned Webpage1

Rather than dragging the favicon you can simply drag and drop the website tab on the taskbar to pin your website.

How To Unpin Websites From the Taskbar


You can unpin websites from your taskbar in the same way you unpin any application. Right click on the webpage pinned on your taskbar you wish to remove and click on Unpin this program from taskbar.


1. It helps you to get one click access to your favorite websites right from your taskbar.

2. For most of the websites, you can get updated notifications right at your taskbar without opening the webpage. For example, a pinned Facebook page notifies you whenever you have new messages, notifications or friend request by a red star on the pinned icon, while for Gmail a user will be shown an unread inbox count.


3. If the website you pinned to the taskbar has some media content, you can control it by the play/pause button right from the page preview.

My Verdict

I am not a big fan of Internet Explorer and prefer Google Chrome as my default browser, but if you like the former, it’s an excellent way to have one click access to your favorite websites and get updates right on your desktop. Do make sure you pin only what’s necessary or your taskbar will become a total mess. ????

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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