Raz­er Might Soon Start Devel­op­ing Smart­phones too


One of the most popular choices when it comes to gaming accessories like keyboards, mouse, headsets and more, Razer, which also unveiled its three-screen laptop at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this year might be delving into the smartphone business, according to Bloomberg.

The Singapore-founded California-headquartered company which specialises in computer hardware for gamers has been trying to expand its market and according to the report is “developing a mobile device tailored for its consumer base of hardcore gamers.”

Razer is reportedly taking the company public in Hong Kong with a valuation of  $5 billion, which could give them potentially enough fund to kick start their mobile business.

While it’s still unclear as to whether the company will bring up a device that would challenge the leading flagships of the world or will try to venture into making a device specifically for the gaming community is unclear.

But their acquisition of the Nextbit smartphone team which comprised of key members from HTC and Google’s team gives a strong hint towards the company’s future ambitions.

While Bloomberg’s unnamed anonymous source cited that the next device might be a smartphone, given Razer’s inclination towards the gaming community, it’s quite possible that the upcoming Razer device might be a handheld gaming console.

Although a new mobile phone with Razer’s name on it can make waves, speculations persist that even if true, a smartphone bearing the 3-headed snake symbol might just be a branding exercise for the gaming accessory maker.

However, it’s quite unlikely that Razer will not give thought to its first phone release. The fans loyalty for the brand comes with certain expectations.

And Razer fans will be expecting nothing less of a power-packed smartphone which can easily process all the highest graphic games for several years in the future or maybe a handheld console.

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