YouTube to Redi­rect Users Away From Ter­ror­ist Content


Last month, YouTube announced that it’s stepping up its efforts to fight extremism and terrorism online, following the announcement of its parent company’s campaign towards creating a safer internet.

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Google had pledged to take additional steps in curbing extremist content from its platform and identified four additional steps that will be taken on YouTube towards this end.

One of the core aims of this drive was to weed out violent content from the platform and today YouTube has announced that they’ll be integrating Jigsaw’s Redirect method on YouTube to steer users away from extremist videos.

“YouTube is rolling out a feature using the model proven by the Redirect Method: when people search for certain keywords on YouTube, we will display a playlist of videos debunking violent extremist recruiting narratives,” the company stated.

Currently, this feature only works for keywords being searched in English, but the company will be expanding to other major languages used on their video sharing platform.

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The Redirect method was created over the past years by a joint effort of Jigsaw and Moonshot CVE who conducted extensive research to understand the behaviour and patterns of extremist groups who were using YouTube videos as a means to ‘spread their message and recruit new members.’

“Redirect Method uses curated video content to redirect people away from violent extremist propaganda and steer them toward video content that confronts extremist messages and debunks its mythology,” the company added.

The Redirect Method feature on the YouTube platform will also make use of machine learning to enhance its search keyword term dictionary.

YouTube is also collaborating with several NGOs to create video content to counter the message of these extremist videos.

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube have combined and formed the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism and will make a joint effort to eradicate terrorist-related or extremist content and users too.

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