How to Send Full Res­o­lu­tion Pho­tos in WhatsApp

Namrata Gogoi

Over the years, WhatsApp has been steadfastly increasing its features portfolio. While it was possible only to send pictures and videos before, now you can send over a bunch of pictures after annotating them.

How To Send Full Resolution Photos In Whats App

But what has remained unchanged, so far is how WhatsApp transfers these image files. For effective transfer of pictures, WhatsApp reduces the image resolution to roughly a third of its original resolution. Though nothing changes much on a phone screen, the image loses much of its finer details when you view it on a computer.

That’s quite a bummer, right? But worry not, we at Guiding Tech have found out two nifty ways to send a full resolution picture in WhatsApp. Let’s check them out.

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1. Attach as a Doc

A majority of us go the conventional way when it comes to sending a picture. We follow the same old drill — tap the Attachment icon, go to Gallery, select the images and send. Ahh, boring!

This may seem easy, but aforesaid, it snips off the quality. A nifty way is to send the image as a document which will freeze the resolution as it is.

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Tap on Document which will bring up all the PDFs, APK files or Txt files on your device. From here, select Browse other docs and choose the Images folder from there.

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Once inside, select the Camera folder and pick your image. The image attached will be of the original file size.

2. Zip It!

The above tip works brilliantly when you have a handful of images to send. But it may be annoying if you have to do it over and over again for quite a number of images since it takes it own sweet time in sending the high-resolution pictures.

Plus, it may be a tad frustrating for the receiver — hiting the download button as many times as the number of sent pictures.

So, another smart way is to place the images into a zip file. A nifty way to do this is through a file explorer like Solid Explorer File Manager.

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Once opened, head over to the  Pictures folder and select the images. Once done, tap on the three-dot menu on the upper right side and select Archive. Creating an archive will require you to select the format of the archive — ZIP or 7ZIP — and the compression.

How To Send Full Resolution Photos In Whats App 10  How To Send Full Resolution Photos In Whats App 14

Rename the archive type and hit Create. Depending on the number of selected pictures, the archival process may take a couple of seconds.

If you are in for privacy and security, a tap on the Protect with password check box will encrypt the contents with a password.

Once the zip process is complete, the drill is similar. Attach the zipped file as a document and send it off or share directly from the native File manager.

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That’s a Wrap!

Given that WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging services in the world, it often becomes the first go-to-guy to send pictures, videos, and even contacts. And knowing this nifty trick will certainly help you in staying on top of your game. So, are you in?

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