India has Surpassed US to Become Facebook’s Top User

India now has a larger number of active Facebook users than the USA and ranks number 1 in the social media giant’s database. As per the latest info, there are currently 241 million active users in India compared to 240 million in the US.

Facebook Beat India in active user
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First reported by The Next Web, the latest change in Facebook’s country rankings comes shortly after the social media giant announced that it has crossed the two billion monthly users mark.

The city ranking is topped by Bangkok which is closely followed by Jakarta and Dhaka. India’s capital, New Delhi takes the sixth spot in Facebook’s list of top ten cities around the world.

Digital India statistics
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Statistics reveal that the number of active users in India grew up by 27 percent (50 million approx.) in the past six months itself. This is clearly a direct impact of Reliance Jio. In comparison, the amount of Facebook users in the USA increased by 12 percent (26 million approx.) in the same interval.

Digital USA statistics
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Speaking of numbers, India, with a population of 1,282 million has 462 million internet users. On the other hand, out of 327 million US residents, 287 million have access to the internet. This clearly indicates that India still has a huge scope of improvement, whereas the United States is pretty much saturated already.

India Facebook users age
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However, in India, there is a significant gender disparity among its active Facebook users. A whopping 76 percent of them are males, which means there is only 24 percent female participants. This is in stark contrast to that in the US, where 54 percent of the social media users are women.

The statistics further tell that most of Facebook users in India haven’t even passed their 25th birthday. There is only one to two percent 60 years+ active users.

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