Here is What’s New in Microsoft Office Update for Android


Microsoft is releasing new features for its Office apps — specifically Word, Excel and Powerpoint — for Android which were being tested by the company since last month.

While all three of the apps have received some or the other new functionality, Microsoft Word app gets most of the new features.

Now Android users get the option to copy and paste formatting directly in the document, find a text in a PDF file and copy it to an opened Word file and also set margins in the document.

Next up, Microsoft Excel app for Android gets a numeric keypad, which makes it a lot easier to enter values in Excel tables and proceed with heavy calculations.

Microsoft Powerpoint app users on Android will now be able to add, delete or reply to comments in their presentation directly from their smartphones.

In addition to the new features incorporated in the three Microsoft Office apps on Android, Microsoft Outlook app for both iOS and Android also gets new search and reply features.

While replying to emails, users will have the option to tag their colleagues or friends using the @ symbol in the new inline reply interface.

While the reply feature has already been integrated into the app, the company is still testing the search feature which will be located at the core of tab bar and will provide quick access to frequent files and contacts.

Earlier this week, the company also introduced two new Microsoft 365 bundles for large and small businesses, which will include Office 365Windows 10, and mobility and security solutions, under a single subscription.

Microsoft is working towards expanding its cloud capabilities as it laid off a chunk of its sales force personnel to accommodate those whose skill set match the companies vision of expanding their business into cloud computing.

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