Win­dows 8.1 Phones Offi­cial­ly Put to Rest


Earlier this year, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella had hinted at a new Windows-powered device — either a smartphone or a tablet — and now the company has killed support for its beloved Lumia Windows 8.1 devices.

One of the significant updates for the smartphones due to Cortana’s integration, Windows 8.1 update was first rolled out three years back and the end of support marks the end of one of the last Windows Phone survivors.

While for the most of us, Windows phone was as good as dead for a year or more, the handful of those who still own one won’t receive any updates to the operating system or security updates here on.

Android and iOS users make up for 99.6 percent of the market, leaving Microsoft with little room to dream of expanding its Lumia devices.

But this just might not be the end of an era as Microsoft is preparing another Windows-powered device.

Although a majority of the people have been sceptical of Microsoft’s return to the mobile market since Android ate into its share, rumours have surfaced of a reprised Windows 10 handheld device — fuelled by Nadella’s hints.

The last of Microsoft’s phones powered by Windows were the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, and since their launch, the company had stopped developing any new Windows-powered smartphones as it was still figuring out how to restructure their mobile division in face of the loss incurred due to Android’s exponentially growing popularity.

Devices running Windows 10 mobile OS will still remain active but nothing can be said for sure if its updates will include any major features as the support for Windows 10 mobile also ends next year in September.

Microsoft has been vying to make a place for itself in the fast-growing Cloud industry — especially in the enterprise sector — and alongside laying off thousands of its sales workforce, the company has launched a few new subscription packages for small, medium and large organisations which will ensure a productive and secure workflow.

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