Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Camera Tips and Tricks

Be it a budget device, a mid-range phone or a premium smartphone, they have one thing in common — a 12 or 13-megapixel primary camera. The aperture slightly differs, but the overall camera specs remain same. At a time when a major selling point for smartphones is camera specs, the Samsung Galaxy J7 addressed the point with a difference.


It’s the first phone to have the Social Camera interface, specially designed for India, which makes social sharing and discovering a breeze. But that’s not the only gimmick that the Galaxy J7 Max boasts of. The 13-megapixel camera is coupled with a wide aperture of f/1.7 which results in bright and vivid pictures.

But it would be a shame if we couldn’t utilize the camera app to its 100%, right? Worry not, we have dug through every detail of the camera app and have compiled these cool Samsung Galaxy J7 Max camera tips and tricks.

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1. Social Sharing

Social Camera, the gimmick of the Galaxy J7 Max has been made keeping the Indian populace in mind. Not only does it make social sharing a breeze, it saves you precious amounts of time you take to manually upload a picture.

In short, it bridges the gap between the camera app and the messaging app or social media platform.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Camera Tips And Tricks 5

So, all you have to do is add your favorite WhatsApp or Messenger contact to the interface, click and send. Of course, it needs your approval, but then, it saves an awful amount of time.

And the best thing is, you can easily switch back to the conventional mode when you don’t need it.

2. Easy Camera Operation

Speaking of switching back and forth between different camera modes, the Galaxy J7 Max makes camera operations buttery smooth and flexible.

So, whether it’s recording a footage, capturing a selfie or opting for the filters and modes — all you have to do is swipe on the camera interface and everything would be neatly laid out.

To break it down, a swipe up/down reveals the selfie shooter, whereas a left/right swipe would reveal the various modes of the shooters and a left swipe would reveal the filters and the beauty mode.

3. Large Friend Group? Opt for Wide Selfies

If you have a large friend group clearly you must know the pain of fitting all those people into a single frame. More the “merrier”, if you are taking the picture with the front camera. But hey, doesn’t the Galaxy J7 Max include the wide selfie feature?

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Camera Tips And Tricks 7

Just swipe left on the camera interface and choose the feature from the bottom. Similar to capturing panoramas, you’ll need to shoot three frames and the rest of the job will be done by the camera software. Simple.

4. Selfies with Sound

Selfies with sound? That would mean a video right? Well, the Galaxy J7 Max has slightly blurred the boundaries of pictures and videos with this new feature.

Available in the same window as the above feature, this one lets you grab a picture and a 9-second of video to go with it at the same time.

The best thing is that you can either share it across as a video file or an image.

5. Floating Camera Button

Aforesaid in our review, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max is a slightly wide phone, thus making one-handed operation a tad tough. But let not that deter you when it comes to capturing great pictures.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Camera Tips And Tricks 8

Much like its other cousins like the Galaxy C7 pro and Galaxy S8, it also comes with the baked-in floating camera button. Once this setting is enabled, the shutter button can be dragged about just about anywhere.

6. Easy Zooming Option

Use the shutter button of the J7 Max to zoom in/out of your frames. Just tap on the shutter button and drag it to obtain the desired zoom levels.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Camera Tips And Tricks 9

It’s this capability that gives the one-handed operation of the Galaxy J7 Max, a nice touch.

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7. Lock Focus On Your Subjects

The J7 Max includes a nifty AF/AE lock, which locks the exposure levels and keeps the focus fixed, even if the light condition changes or the object moves.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Camera Tips And Tricks 3

So, if you are recording a video, the AE lock will ensure that there is consistent lighting throughout, which also lends a more professional look to it.

To enable it, long-press on the screen where you want to focus, until you see a yellow circle on the screen.

8. Stickers and Filters

Snapchat revolutionized the use of live filters and since then it has appeared in many forms and places. And the latest amongst those places are Samsung smartphones.

Introduced along with the camera app of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Snapchat-style filters have found their way to the Galaxy J7 Max too.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Camera Tips And Tricks 2

All you need to do is enable the Social Mode of the front shooter and choose from any one of the insane filters.

What’s more, you can even choose from the dozen of built-in stickers. So the next time you’re having ice-cream, don’t forget to add a nice little sticker to it.

9. Change the Aspect Ratio

If you don’t want Instagram to shave off the sides of your precious picture, you can opt for the 1:1 aspect ratio.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Camera Tips And Tricks 10

All you have to do swipe to the social mode and tap on the icon marked for aspect ratio. Don’t like it? Switch back.

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10. Anti-Fog Mode

Swipe to the right and you’ll get the additional camera modes of the Galaxy J7 Max. Along with the sports mode, another of my favorites is the anti-fog mode. This one sharpens the picture by playing with the contrast and the exposure.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Camera Tips And Tricks 11

Just enable the mode and tap on the cloud icon on the right, and drag the handle to adjust the sharpness.

11. Mirror Selfie

Another gimmick of the Galaxy J7 Max is the Smart Glow — a strip of LED circling the rear camera. Mostly used for notifications, this strip of light has other brilliant uses as well.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Camera Tips And Tricks 13

And one such use is the Mirror Selfie. It helps you to take a selfie by making use of the rear camera’s f/1.7 wide aperture.

All you need to do is stand in front of the mirror and point the Smart Glow towards the camera. When the subject is in focus, the LED strip will glow — a cue for you to hit the shutter button.

11. Camera Assist

Another nifty Smart Glow use is the Camera Assist option. Once this is enabled, the LED strip will glow whenever the shutter button is pressed.

12. Add Shortcuts to Home Screen

They say that nobody waits forever and this holds extremely true when it comes to photography. A majority of the shots are blink-and-you-miss opportunities. And you wouldn’t want to waste your time fumbling for the perfect mode on your camera, right?

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Camera Tips And Tricks 12

A nifty solution is to add your favored camera mode to the home screen as a shortcut. Swipe left to reveal the modes, tap on the three-dot menu and tap on Add shortcut on Home screen.

Given that the camera defaults back to the automatic mode every time you launch it, it’s more than welcome to have this feature onboard.

13. Go Handsfree

Last, but not the least is the hands-free mode. If you are having trouble reaching out to the shutter button, here’s a bit of good news. The Show Palm shooting method will help the job get done. All you have to do is wave you palm over the sensor to grab a picture.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Camera Tips And Tricks 14

Another nifty shooting method for selfies is the Tap Screen. As suggestive, a tap on the screen is all it takes to land you with a selfie.

So, Which One Clicked?

Priced at just Rs. 17990, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max contains a plethora of camera features and tricks, which truly makes the camera experience worthwhile. And guess what, with the f/1.7 aperture you end up with bright and vivid pictures.

So, which trick are you going to try out first?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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