Top 15 Best Amazon Prime Day Deals (US)

After the highly successful Prime Day in 2016, Amazon is gearing up to welcome its 85 million Prime shoppers to its 2017 edition. Armed with promising deals across an assortment of items over a 30-hour period, Amazon surely will outrun its 2016 results.

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The 2017 Prime Day will start at 6 PM ET today and will cover a plethora of categories.  Just so you don’t miss out on some of the best deals, here is a collection of the 9 best Amazon Prime Day deals (US) to make the most out of it.

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1. Amazon Fire TV

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Enjoy 4K Ultra HD with the amazing Fire TV. This box which supports up to 15,000 apps and games even has support for Alexa. Plus, the cool movies and series on Netflix and Amazon Video should be more than enough to push you to buy it.

Buy the Amazon Fire TV.

2. Anker Wall Charger

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The Anker Wall Charger is no ordinary charger. A combination of a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and Anker’s in-house technology will ensure that it charges your smartphones and tablets a lot faster than conventional chargers — 80% in 35 minutes.

Plus, with backward compatibility, it also ensures that older products do not lose out on the race to charge faster. What’s more, it’s compact size ensures that it’ll be your favorite traveling companion.

Buy Anker Wall Charger from Amazon

3. Netgear Smart WiFi Router

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A $109 WiFi router priced at $69 seems too good to be true, right? Well, it’s Prime Day. The AC1750 Netgear smart WiFi router with a dual-core 800Mhz processor and 256 MB RAM can retain up to 12 WiFi devices at the same time.

Plus the dual band WiFi ensures a wide coverage area.

Buy the Netgear Smart WiFi Router from Amazon

4. Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

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Bring home the Amazon Echo Dot for just $ 34.99 and enjoy a hands-free experience. Use the Echo Dot to control smart home devices, send messages, receive calls and much more with Alexa.

Buy the Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) on Amazon

5. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals Us 9

Take your reading habits a notch higher with the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader. This e-reader is available at a discounted price of $89.99 today. Plus, you can save up to $100 on the Kindle Paperwhite travel bundle.

Buy the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

6. Amazon Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa

Save $20 on the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet. These slim and sleek 7-inches tablets are armed with 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and 16 GB of internal storage, which is expandable up to 256 GB.

Buy the Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa

7. USB Controller for Xbox

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If you are on a lookout for an extra Xbox controller, the wired controller from Blanche fits the bill perfectly. The wired USB controller is a rough copy of the original one and lets you play comfortably on both your PC and Xbox 360.

What’s more, you can adjust the vibration feedback and includes and headset port for Xbox live play.

Buy the USB Controller for Xbox from Amazon

8. Amazon Dash Button

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals Us 10

Save up on your time with the Amazon Dash buttons. These are a set of W0Fi connected devices that order your favorite products with just a touch of a button.Available for a number of products, these $4 Amazon Dash Buttons are just available for $0.99 as a part of Prime Day Deals.

Buy the Amazon Dash Button

9. Minger Motion Sensor Light Bulb

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With the earth hurtling towards global warming, it’s important that we do our bit in reducing energy wastage. So how about a light bulb that switches off when nobody is in the room? Say Hi to the Minger motion sensor light bulb.

The $12.99 light bulb is an easy-to-use light bulb which lights up when it senses a presence using its Infrared sensors (13-foot). It works only in the dark (without any additional shade) and is perfect for outdoors or for garage lightings.

Buy the Minger Motion SensorLight Bulb

10. Epson LCD Projector

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If you are on a lookout for an LCD projector, now is the perfect time to buy one. The Epson 3 LCD projector is almost a $100 less today, which means that it’s available for just $469.88.

The Epson Projector produces 3x brighter and accurate colors compared to conventional DLP projectors and also includes XGA resolution to go with it.

Buy the Epson LCD Projector

11. RedHoney Gaming Headset

9 Best Amazon Prime Day Deals Us 10

With an immersive 360-degree stereo sound, rotary volume controller and a button for mic mute, the RedHoney headphones is the perfect gaming headset.

Not only do the soft earmuffs reduce background noise but also ensures that you can play comfortably for longer durations. The gaming headset is compatible with PS4, PSP, Xbox 1, etc and is available for only $19.99.

Buy the RedHoney Gaming Headset.

12. Rosewill USB Gaming Mouse

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Available at only $14.99, the Rosewill USB gaming mouse is designed specifically to give gamers accurate and precise on-screen control. Coupled with a good ergonomic design and an adjustable DPI and response frequency, it warrants that you have absolute control over your gaming strategy.

Buy the Rosewill USB Gaming Mouse

13. Okra 6-Port USB Charging Station

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The Okra  6-Port USB charging station is the perfect accessory if you own quite a number of smartphones, mp3 players, headphones, tablets, etc. This nifty charging station lets you charge up to 6 devices at the same time and protect the devices against power surges.

The device cradles are well designed and can also hold devices as big as the MacBook. Its individual ports offer an output current of 2.4A per port and are optimized to safely charge the devices.

Buy the Okra 6-Port USB Charging Station

14. Havit Laptop Cooling Pad

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Is your Laptop heating up? Worry not, the Havit Laptop cooling pad is here to help. This slim cooling pad is designed for lightweight laptops having a width of 15.6-inches to 17 inches.

What’s more, it’s also comes packed with two adjustable height settings and a built-in dual-USB hub and is priced at just $21.49, saving you $14.50.

Buy the Havit Laptop Cooling Pad.

15. Abco Tech Night Light Projector

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If only one can go to the ocean every day. With the Abco Tech Night Light projector, you can. The Abco projector mimics the ocean with its ocean wave light projector. Coupled with a wireless music player, it creates the complete peaceful setting (inner peace, anyone?)

The built-in Bluetooth speakers deliver a playtime for up to 6 hours and are rechargeable through a micro-USB charger. What’s more, you can change the colors from the available set of 5 colors.

Buy the Abco Tech Night Light Projector

So, which products will make its way to your digital cart?Do drop us a line or two in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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