Galaxy J7 Max Smart Glow: 5 Ways To Make The Most Out of It

Seems LED notification lights are too archaic, at least for some of the budget smartphones from Samsung. And that might be one of the reasons that Samsung has included an alternative strip of LED notification light on the Galaxy J7 Max.

Make The Most Out Of The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Smart Glow 1

But rather than ignore the thin strip of light, let’s dig deeper and embrace this ‘new wheel’ of notifications — the Smart Glow. In this post, we explore how you can make the most out of the Galaxy J7 Max Smart Glow.

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A Brief Overview of Samsung Smart Glow

The Samsung Smart Glow is a tiny strip of LED light encircling the rear camera, which lights up in a variety of colors when a specific notification arrives or you have missed attending certain important calls.

The idea behind this strip is that it can be used to notify you of priority notifications or alerts when the phone is lying face down.

The good thing about this feature is that it can easily be turned on/off from the Quick Menu Settings. Below are some of the smart uses of the Smart Glow.

1. Use it to Indicate a Priority Call

Use the Smart Glow to tell you when you have missed notifications from one of your business associates. So, be it a Slack notification, a missed call or an email that you have failed to pick up — the ring will continue to glow in set intervals.

Make The Most Out Of The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Smart Glow 9
Make The Most Out Of The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Smart Glow 10

On the customization levels, you can change the color to reflect the app name or contact. All you need to do is tap on any one of the Smart Glow options and tap on color. Adjust the RGB as per you liking and choose Glow.

The LED strip will glow in any color — Red, Violet, Megenta and even the all-time favorite Pink.

Note that the suggestions will show only your favorite contacts and apps. If you prefer to have any other app, you can do so by tapping on the Smart Glow options.

2. Use it to Notify Low Battery Juice

Though the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max managed to impress us with its incredible battery life, normal usage takes a hit when the battery percentage dips below 20%. All of a sudden, you have to be cautious about the brightness of the screen, location accuracy and what not.

But imagine the scenario when this situation goes unchecked — it’ll continue to slide down, ultimately leaving you with a dead phone. But wait, doesn’t the Galaxy J7 Max include a Usage Alert?

Make The Most Out Of The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Smart Glow 3

With a Smart Glow especially for usage alerts, once the battery percentage goes below 20%, the LED light will glow in Red, urging you to stick it up to a wall socket. Cool, right?

3. Use it to Check on Your Spying Friend

Do you have a clown of a friend who often navigates away to pages and apps which they aren’t supposed to see? If yes, then the Smart Glow’s Snoop feature will help you in catching them red handed.

Make The Most Out Of The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Smart Glow 1
Make The Most Out Of The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Smart Glow 5

All you need to do is activate the snoop alert before you hand over the phone to your friend.

Once they head navigate away from the screen you originally shared, the ring will glow with all its glory.

4. Use It to Perfect Your Selfies

Yeah, the front-facing 13 MP camera of the Galaxy J7 Max does an amazing job of capturing your selfies. But if you want to go ahead and capture an awesome frame with the rear camera’s f/1.7 aperture, expect the handy LED strip to lend you a helping hand.

Make The Most Out Of The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Smart Glow

Activate the Mirror Selfie mode and stand in front of a mirror. When the subject is in focus, the LED strip will glow — a cue for you to hit the shutter button. That’s it. See, so simple.

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5. As a Shutter Cue

Speaking of Cue, you can use the handy feature called Camera Assist which will blink when you hit the shutter button of your Camera.

All you need to do is turn on the feature and use it to your advantage.

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That’s a Wrap!

These were some of the useful things you can do with that lovely LED strip sitting on the rear of your Galaxy J7 Max. If you ask me, I found it really cool and plus, it helps me to stay on top of my notifications.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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