Facebook Reportedly Working on App For Live Group Video Chat


Facebook is believed to be working on a new standalone app for live group video calls just like Google Hangouts.

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A report from The Verge claimed that Facebook’s new app draws logic, inspiration from technology start-up Life On Air’s popular group video chat app ‘Houseparty’. The app was recently demonstrated for employees and is being targeted for a fall release.

Facebook’s new app is being now called Bonfire and details about it are sketchy. However, the social network’s move comes close at heels of launching Facebook Live.

Rumours suggest that Facebook Live was launched post the success of Life on Air’s live broadcasting app Meerkat. Twitter also has a live broadcasting feature called Periscope which it acquired later.

‘Houseparty’ is especially popular among teenagers and by November 2016, it had 1.2 million users spending a total of 20 million minutes on it daily. The app notifies a user’s friends whenever they have the app open, inviting them to hang out virtually on their smartphones.

According to the report, employees at Facebook were also recently shown an app called ‘Talk’, designed to encourage younger people to communicate with their grandparents using video chat.

This is also not the only concept that Facebook seems to be adapting. Earlier instances show Instagram copying Snapchat’s features to an extent as well. Facebook has tried to buy Snap Inc (parent company of Snapchat) but has met with failure in the past.

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