This Cool Insta­gram Trick Will Orga­nize Pic­tures Instantly

Namrata Gogoi

If you are one who has a long list of following on Instagram, chances are that you often miss out on interesting pictures and exciting videos. And you can blame it squarely on the incoming deluge of Instagram posts.

This Cool Instagram Trick Will Organize Pictures Instantly

Though a majority of us wouldn’t admit, a straightaway solution was to quickly grab a screenshot of the post, for later references. Thankfully on December 2016, Instagram launched a feature which allowed users to directly save pictures and videos of their ‘Instagram followings’ through the Bookmarks feature.

But this feature had a slight drawback — all the pictures, regardless of the categories, got mixed up. So, you might end up with images of gourmet food and sea beaches, all rolled together under a single roof.

Thankfully, Instagram now lets you organize bookmarks into neat little bundles called Instagram Collections. Which means that the pictures of the mouth-watering burgers don’t necessarily have to rub shoulders with cool sea waves.

So, let’s have a quick look at how this cool Instagram trick for organizing pictures work.

1. Bookmark a Post

Bookmarking an Instagram post is simple. All you have to do is go to the favored post and click on the bookmark icon at the bottom.

Organise Instagram Bookmarks Collections 2

This will save your picture or the video to your Collection.

2. Create a Collection

Once done, head over to your profile, tap on the bookmark icon and choose Collection.

Organise Instagram Bookmarks Collections  Organise Instagram Bookmarks Collections 3

Tap on the Create Collection prompt and name it. Congratulations, you have created your first collection!

3. Choose From Collection

So, what’s stopping you now? Add the selected beautiful pictures to it and hit Save.

Organise Instagram Bookmarks Collections 4   Organise Instagram Bookmarks Collections 6

The cover picture of a Collection is often the first picture that you choose, but anyway you can always come back to edit it.

To increase your number of Instagram Collections, the drill is same — tap on the plus icon and get started.

4. Save Directly to Collection

Apart from adding pictures and videos manually to Collections, you can also add them directly from the main page. All you have to do is tap on the bookmark icon and choose Save to Collection. Select the Collection and you are done.

Organise Instagram Bookmarks Collections 1 576X1024  Organise Instagram Bookmarks Collections 7

To edit or delete one, tap on the three-dot menu of an open collection and choose Edit Collection.

Since Instagram has been pushing on the advertising front, you might often end up following quite a number of designers or brands, which results in lovely posts making their way to your Instagram feed.

And because millennials — which make up for a major chunk of Instagrammers — are often on the run and yet on a lookout for interesting things, the organize Instagram Bookmark feature is more than welcome. For it quickly lets you save and access old pictures and posts in a jiffy.

Organize It!

Instagram’s Collection feature can, in a way be compared to the Pinterest’s Save to Board feature, where you can save anything that catches your eye and have it to reference later. After all, you wouldn’t be wanting to scroll through your Insta feed while you shop for a look-alike product, right? So, start organizing, will ya?

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