7 Unreleased Android Games You Should Try Right Now

Namrata Gogoi

We can never really get enough of games. And when you get to play some of them before anyone else, it surely raises the excitement levels. If you are itching to try out some new games, check out these cool unreleased Android games.


These games are still under development, so a few hiccups might be there. But no major bugs were found during our tests, so why wait, explore and install them now!

Note: You might not find these games directly on Play Store and therefore please click on the links to open the respective pages and tap download.

1. ArcheAge Begins (Unreleased)

android-games-unrealesed (2)

ArecheAge Begins is a card based RPG game based on the PC MMORPG, ArcheAge. It comes packed with compelling gameplay and evolved combat mechanics. Plus, there are both single-player and multiplayer modes.

What’s more, you can also participate in real-time raids across the globe, which will unlock a pack of new features such as fishing, trading, etc.

2. Guardians of Haven: Zombie War (Unreleased)

Guardians of Haven is a zombie apocalyptic game where you are one of the few remaining survivors trapped inside a military facility. As a survivor, you’d need to build and protect the remaining ones and get to as many survivors as you can.

In a nutshell, you are the Guardian (Guardians of Galaxy in a parallel universe, perhaps?) who needs to defend the society from the infected zombies.

3. Still Here (Unreleased)

android-games-unrealesed (4)

Still Here is a cute little game about small garden creatures called Pips as they go about their exploration mission in a dystopian earth. The gameplay is simple, all you need to do is tap and make them fly and collect coins in the process.

The USP of this game is its amazing graphics and illustrations. And you never know, you might also unearth the mystery of human disappearance. If you ask me, it’s the most relaxing game I have played in a long time.

4. Antidote (Unreleased)

android-games-unrealesed (5)

Have you imagined what happens to our body when we fall sick? Of course, the body’s defense system calls the shots to protect you at all cost.

Antidote tries to reimagine the same situation in an adorable way. The main character is a blobby white stem cell which you have to protect against slimy green bacteria and viruses. It has a number of challenging levels and as is the drill, it gets tougher as you move up.

5. PigBang (Unreleased)


PigBang is an arcade battle game between two groups of boars who are fighting over water supplies. The gameplay is simple — defend the water supply. You have to be both quick and smart to win this epic battle of boars.

6. Smash Supreme (Unreleased)

android-games-unrealesed (1)

What’s is the result of mixing kickboxing, wrestling and martial arts? It’s Smash Supreme.

Smash Supreme is a player vs player (PVP) game where you need to battle your opponents with nothing less than glowing fireballs, kicks and a few punches in between.

7. Massive Warfare

android-games-unrealesed (3)

Massive Warfare is top down shooting game where you get to show your might across land, sea, and air. It’s an all-out war game where you get to control powerful tanks and helicopters as you build your arsenal. And yeah, beware of the deadly beasts, they can trample you to bits.

Game Away, Folks!

So, which game will you choose first? I bet it’ll be PigBang with its fun and engaging gameplay. Do let us know through the comments, will ya?

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