6 Free Games for PlayStation Plus Members in July


July is around the corner and so is the new lineup of free games for PlayStation Plus members. Sony has announced that the Instant Game Collection will be added with a few more games.

The games this time around include a survival horror adventure and another based on of the most popular TV series of recent times for PS4 owners that will be made available in the first week of July after the June free games will be discontinued from the collection.

Each PlayStation platform — the PS Vita, PS4, and PS3 — get two titles each, with PS4 getting an additional third and fourth one which is otherwise also available for PS Vita, courtesy of cross play.

The Lineup

  • Until Dawn (PS4)
  • Game of Thrones (PS4)
  • Tokyo Jungle (PS3)
  • Darkstalkers Resurrection (PS3)
  • Element4l (PS Vita, cross buy with PS4)
  • Don’t Die, Mr. Robot (PS Vita, cross buy with PS4)

“Winter is coming, and your choices mean the difference between life and death in Until Dawn and Game of Thrones,” the company stated.

The PS Plus community seems to be mostly content with the new lineup with a few users complaining about frequent repetition in the genres of the games on offer.

In addition to announcing the PS Plus free games for July, Sony is also offering its PlayStation Plus members a shot at That’s You from July 4 to October 24 in celebration of PlayLink’s Launch.

The game can be played among upto five family or friends using a smartphone or tablet via the free companion app and included tons of questions, texting games and drawing challenges to learn what others in the group think about you.

Orcs Must Die Unchained is also being launched on July 18 and PlayStation Plus members will not only gain access to the game but will also be awarded exclusive Orcs Must Die Unchained Plus Pack worth $20 until August 15.

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