Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Pros and Cons: Should you Buy It?

With the release of premium phones like the Galaxy S8, tabs and budget smartphones, Samsung has been on a launching spree since the first half of this year. One of the new smartphones in the budget segment is the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max.

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Priced at only Rs. 17900, the Galaxy J7 Max is touted as a Make in India phone, as most of its RnD has been done in India, especially the industry first Social Camera.

So should you buy the all new Samsung Galaxy J7 Max? Today we weigh the pros and cons so that you end up taking the right decision.

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Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Pros

1. Great Battery Life

A good battery life is one of the driving forces behind any phone and the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max is the ideal example. The 3300mAh  Li-Ion battery unit is built to see you through an entire day — and even more in case you’re a casual user.

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And the credit for this impressive battery performance goes to the built-in battery optimization. Plus, similar to most of the Samsung phones, it also comes with the two power saving modes —  Mid and Max.

Did you know that you can set the SmartGlow strip to notify you when you are low on battery? Now you know.

2. Good Processor

Though the Galaxy J7 Max is powered by a MediaTek octa-core processor, it manages to pull off every task with ease.

Even during intense gaming sessions, you won’t find the J7 Max heating up or stalling in between like any of the other devices in the same price bracket.

On a more personal note, we have had this device with us since its launch, and till date, we haven’t encountered any jitters, lags or irregular heating.

3. Upgraded Software

The Galaxy J7 Max is one of the first budget phones from Samsung to have launched with Android Nougat. The mid-range devices like the Galaxy C7 Pro and the Galaxy A5, launched earlier this year, came packed with Android Marshmallow.

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With the Android Nougat, you can easily pull off the tricks that Nougat is known for. Whether it’s the Notification Control or customizing the Quick Settings menu.

And along with the upgraded software version, you get Samsung Pay mini, which is a comprehensive platform for making e-wallets and UPI payments.

4. Social Camera

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max is the first phone in the industry to sport the Social Camera. With the social camera, you can easily share pictures with your contacts or social media as you click them.

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Plus it also sports a 13-megapixel camera with an aperture of f/1.7 and churns out great pictures with good detailing and color reproductions. Also, there’s an awesome set of stickers to spice up your selfies.

Another interesting feature is the location mode of the camera. When turned on, it’ll display all the interesting places nearby — whether it’s for shopping, cycling or eating.

5. Dedicated Slot for MicroSD Card

Unlike the mid-range Galaxy C7 Pro, Samsung has added a dedicated slot for the microSD card. This means both the SIM cards can be used along with the microSD card, at the same time.

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Furthermore, the J7 Max has also support for USB OTG (on the go)which means you can attach microSD cards or external drive using an extender.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Cons

1. No USB Type-C

It’s 2017 and the tech world is moving at a fast pace to the extent that phones using USB Type-C 2.0 is frowned upon, in favor of the faster USB Type-C 3.0.

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Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max is still stuck in the age of micro-USB cables.

2. No NFC

A notable feature missing from the J7 Max is NFC (Near Field Communication), which means that you’ll be unable to use your phone to beam files and pictures.

The absence of NFC also means that you won’t be able to utilize the power of the super useful NFC tags.

3. No Fast or Quick Charging

Though the Galaxy J7 Max has a superb battery life, the catch is in the form of normal charging. The J7 Max supports neither Quick Charge nor Fast charge. Thus you’d need to dedicate around a minimum of two hours to charge it above 70-80%.

4. No Capacitive Backlit Buttons

Another thing amiss in the J7 Max is the capacitive backlit buttons.

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For a phone priced at Rs. 17900, the absence of backlit buttons makes for a huge disadvantage.

5. No Glass Protection

Since the J7 Max doesn’t pack in Corning Gorilla Glass. So, you might want to wrap your Galaxy J7 Max in a sturdy case or a tempered glass to protect it against accidental fall or drops.

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Will You Go For It?

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max is a decent phone with a great battery life, new software version and an HD camera with a cool set of features. However, the design and hardware aren’t revolutionary. So will you go for the new budget phone from the house of Samsung? Drop a line in the comments section.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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