The 7 Best Classic Shows on Amazon Prime

Surely, Netflix and Amazon Prime has been the best thing to have happened when it comes to online streaming services. Now, instead of reminiscing about some of the classic shows of the heydays, one can just switch on the TV or app and watch it. As simple as it can get.

Amazon Prime Classic Series 6

Well nothing like a hilarious episode of Two and a Half Men to charm up your weekends, correct? But then, the huge number of TV series does leave you spoilt for choice.

Worry not, we at Guiding Tech have done the hard work and have come up with the best classic shows on Amazon Prime that will take you on a trip down the memory lane.

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1. Fringe

Amazon Prime Classic Series 6

Fringe follows the life of FBI special agent Olivia Dunham played by Anna Torv and eccentric scientist Walter Bishop played by the popular actor John Noble. The triangle is completed by Walter’s son Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson).

The storyline revolves around parallel universes, high-end fringe science, mysterious appearances of a man in a black suit as the three get together to solve all of these. Watch out for the truly electrifying plot towards the middle of the series.

Amazon Prime has all the 5 seasons of the series that premiered on 2008 and ended on 2013.

2. Two and a Half Men

Amazon Prime Classic Series 1

Watch Charlie Harper and his brother Alan Harper as they sail through life. Charlie is a overpaid jingle writer who has a more-than-active love life while his brother is quite the opposite of him. He is a chiropractic practitioner and together with his son, Jake and they make up Two and a Half Men.

This series aired from 2003 through 2015 and starred Charlie Sheen earlier and was replaced by Aston Kutcher in the later years. If you are planning to watch this series, you can watch the whole of 12 seasons on Amazon Prime.

3. Dexter

Amazon Prime Classic Series 4

If you are a fan of crime and suspense drama, you’ll love Dexter. Dexter Morgan stars as the main protagonist who leads a double life – as a forensic technician and a serial killer. Don’t get me wrong, Dexter only hunts down the murderers who manage to escape from the eyes of justice.

4. Smallville

Amazon Prime Classic Series 5

Ever wondered how Superman came to know about his superpowers? Smallville will answer all your doubts as it explores the life of young Clark Kent and his tryst with his superpower. The series is based on the fictional southern town of Smallville and thus the name.

Even the former Superman, Christopher Reeve, has appeared in this series which is a collection of 10 seasons. It explored the life of Clark Kent through his high school life, adulthood and his career at the Daily Planet.

5. Seinfeld

Amazon Prime Classic Series 7

Seinfeld is a classic example of a typicalAmerican sitcom and explores the life of Jerry Seinfeld and his friends in New York City. It’s said that the main character — Jerry Seinfeld  — is a fictional version of the creator himself.

Seinfeld is often considered as one of the best American sitcoms of all times and is one of the longest running comedy of all times. It even has its fair share of Golden Globe and Emmy for its incredible storyline.

6. Mad Men

Amazon Prime Classic Series 3

Mad Men is a fast-paced drama which follows the life of successful Ad-man, Don Draper in 1960’s New York, as he struggles to balance both his personal and exceptional professional life.

Alongside, it depicts the stereotypes like adultery and sexism, alcoholism, racism, etc, which were religiously followed by both the rich and poor during those times.

7. The Mentalist

If you are interested in police drama and mystery, then you should go for The Mentalist on Amazon Prime. The show follows the life of a former psychic, Patrick Jane, who is an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation as he uses his skills to solve crimes in Sacramento.

That’s a Wrap!

That’s all folks, for the time being. It’s a good news that many of the series like Nashville, Heroes and Supernatural have been renewed so that we can feast our eyes on them, once again. Until then, get ready to re-live these series a one more time.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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