Facebook Camera Updated With Justice League Effects

Augmented and Virtual Reality techs are evolving at a fast pace and Facebook has already released the beta version of its AR Studio, which has led to talks with several entertainment companies to bring their characters to life.

Facebook Features Main 1

Using the ‘mainstream augmented reality’ and the Facebook Camera Effects platform, Warner Bros. has released five new camera effects for Facebook users.

These features can be accessed in the Facebook camera by tapping the magic wand icon and selecting the ‘mask’ category from the camera effects tray.

“The Justice League is a force that is stronger together. Warner Bros. knew no single camera effect could capture the power of the whole group, so they’ve delivered immersive superhero effects for the whole team and linked them together through a handy switcher menu,” the company stated.

Fans can now use the Facebook camera to grab a photo as Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg and what’s more, these masks have interactive and immersive AR effects too.


Raising your eyebrows while the Facebook camera with a mask is activated will trigger a special trait of the selected character.

While Batman throws a Batarang at your screen — cracking it at the bottom — Flash goes into a speed frenzy.

Example Menu 2

“We’re honoured to have Warner Bros. as the first film studio to design and develop major motion picture camera effects using AR Studio and Camera Effects platform. And this party is just getting started,” the company added.

Warner Bros. seem to be moving in the right direction by integrating technology in their work and moving ahead with times — adapting to the new tech — and having a different approach towards marketing their upcoming Justice League movie which hits the theatre on November 17, 2017.

Facebook will be working with other companies too to create similar ‘fun, innovative, and expressive effects’ in the coming months.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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