Pokemon GO Gets New Raid Battles and Gym Features


Soon after announcing the global events for this summer in celebration of Pokemon GO turning 1, Niantic has announced an update to the game which will feature new raid battles and gym features.

Touted as the ‘biggest update to Pokemon GO’, the update will allow Trainers worldwide to enjoy a revamped Gym gameplay experience and to group together to battle powerful Pokemon in the Raid Battle feature.

Earlier this month, Niantic had disabled the gyms when it made the announcement of the Solstice events and they will remain so until this update is rolled out worldwide.

“Gyms are undergoing a major facelift. At the heart of the update is a new motivation system that will significantly change how you interact with Gyms,” the company stated.

Updated Gym and New Raid Battle Feature

New Gym Features

Just as they do at PokeStops, users will soon be able to spin the Photo Disc at Gyms in order to acquire items. Gym battles will also get a revamp.

Gyms will no longer be based on Prestige and training rather now they come with six permanent slots for the controlling team’s Pokemon. Each Pokemon assigned to a slot has to be unique.

The new motivation system will also be integrated with the gym, which will be displayed alongside the assigned Pokemon.

If a Pokemon is assigned to defend the Gym, they’ll lose motivation as and when they lose a battle. This will result in the Pokemon losing their CP temporarily, and they’ll be easier to defeat.

Pokemon can be treated with berries to restore motivation. If all motivation is lost, the Pokemon will leave the gym and return to its trainer.

Gym Badges

Gym Badges are another addition to the gameplay with this update. Trainers can earn these Gym Badges from Gyms — more like achievements that’ll reflect your Pokemon GO journey.

Badges can be levelled up by battling, spinning the Photo Disc and giving berries to Pokemon at the gym.

“You can earn the opportunity to receive bonus items and increased rewards from Gyms by raising the level of your Gym Bade,” the company stated.

Raid Battle Feature

The new Raid Battle feature will be available at Gyms worldwide. It’s a Co-op game which twenty trainers to work together in order to defeat an extremely powerful Pokemon called the Raid Boss within five minutes.

In order to be able to participate, trainers must get a Raid Pass — one is handed out free every day and trainers can purchase more from the in-game shop.

Defeating the Raid Boss will give you the chance to catch an extra powerful Pokemon to add to your own collection.

Defeating the Boss will also give you rewards from among the new items like rare candles, golden razz berries and fast and charged technical machines.

“The Raid Battle feature will then be rolled out slowly over the next few weeks, starting as a beta, with raids visible only to a subset of players at certain Gym locations,” the company concluded.

Further information regarding the update will be available on the social media platforms of Pokemon GO as the company has currently disabled all Gyms until the update is rolled out.

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