13 Cool Gadgets to Buy for Just Rs 300 In India

In this digital era, it can rightly be said that smartphones and humans are inseparable. But what is even more inseparable are smartphones and their accessories. For starters, only a chosen few can make through the day without a data cable or a pair of earphones.

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Yeah, smartphone or computer accessories are essential in the day-to-day life. But it’s also true that a majority of these accessories are expensive.

Thinking along the same lines, we have compiled a list cool gadgets which are below Rs. 300 on Amazon. So, let’s have a quick roundup of them.

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1.  Buddy Selfie Flash

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If your Android smartphone is one which lacks a selfie flash, then worry not, we have a nifty trick to solve the problem of dark selfies.

Say Hi to the Selfie Flash. This external flash with a 16 LED bulbs is light and can be carried easily in your pockets. All you need to do is plug it into the headphone jack and switch on the lights. The Buddy selfie flash is rechargeable and has a capacity of 200 mAh.

The product is available on Amazon at just Rs. 198.

2. Mi LED Light

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The Mi LED light is the perfect companion if your laptop doesn’t have a backlit keyboard. It comes with a USB connector at one end and all you need to do is plug it into your laptop to give the necessary light.

What’s more, the Mi LED light can also be plugged to a power bank and used as a torch light or as a table lamp.

This handy light is available in two colors — Blue and White — and can be purchased online through the MI store for just Rs. 250.

3. World Wide Travel Charger Adapter

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Source | Amazon

A universal travel adapter should be the first thing to go into your backpack if you are planning for an overseas trip. Though there are many options out there, an inexpensive choice would be the World Wide Travel Charger Adapter.

Available in White, this adapter is compatible with the sockets of almost 150 countries across the globe, including Australia, UK, and the US. This adapter is available on Amazon for Rs. 229.

5. Hero NFC Tags

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Given that one can whip up NFC recipes in just a matter of minutes, it’s imperative that you know own a few NFC tags to speed up your work. For starters, NFC tags can be used as alarm clocks or to set up Wi-Fi networks. All you need is an NFC-enabled smartphone and an app to write the task to the tag and you are done.

Hero NFC-enabled tags are available both in combo packs as well as a single unit and their price starts as low as Rs. 199. What’s more, you can always re-write these tags easily.

6. USB Fan

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Does a USB powered fan sound a tad over-the-top? Well, in this sweltering heat, it would be highly unlikely. Gadget Deals offers a diverse range of small micro-USB powered fans which you can plug on your smartphone and use it in times of emergency.

These mini colorful fans are available on Amazon for as low as Rs. 165 per item.

7. Kidslounge LED Shoelaces

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Source | Amazon

Because normal shoe laces are just too boring.

If you on a lookout for shoelaces which glow and change colors, then you are in for some luck. The Kidslounge LED shoelace does just that. It is powered by a battery and you just need to lace it on your shoes and switch it on. Impressive, ain’t it?

Here’s the best deal on LED shoelaces on Amazon for just Rs. 249.

8. 6-Ways Audio Splitter

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The 6 ways audio splitter is a cool device if you want to split music among your buddies and yet not compromise on the audio quality. The 6-ways Audio Splitter also comes with an AUX cable and can easily power up to 5 devices at the same time.

The audio splitter is available at Amazon for Rs. 248.

9. mXplod Earphones

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If you have been looking for a pair of earphones which resemble the iPhone’s earphone, then the mXplod earphones will serve the purpose perfectly. And in terms of quality too, the mXplod Earphones don’t do badly either — it manages to output decent quality audio.

You can buy the product from Amazon at just Rs. 189.

10. Premsons Fidget Spinner

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Source | Amazon

Fidget Spinners are one of the latest fads in the tech world and when a fidget spinner combines the beauty of LED light and a spinner, it’s definitely a must have. What’s more each of the light panels can be activated by touch and has three distinct modes and creates a number of beautiful patterns and designs when spun.

This new Fidget spinner is available for only Rs. 200 on Amazon.

11. Technotech Card Reader

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The Technotech Card Reader is not just a card reader, it’s much more than that. It is a mini USB 2.0 hub which can connect up to 3 USB cables and has 4 slots for memory cards — be it a microSD card or a massive SD card. This product is especially handy if your laptop has fewer USB ports.

It’s available on Amazon for Rs. 238

12. Storite 5 in 1 OTG Micro Card Reader

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The Storite 5 in 1 OTG is a micro card reader for the Android smartphones. This card reader is compatible with Android phones having version 4.2 or above and has a micro-USB port. With this card reader, you can use your phone to read your cards or connect your phone to a USB flash drive or a keyboard.

This nifty device is available on Amazon in two colors — White and Black — and is priced at Rs. 299.

13. Safeseed Waterproof Pouch

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Not all the Android smartphones are waterproof, but that shouldn’t deter you from taking a dive in the water. Take the Safeseed Waterproof Pouch with you and rest assured this pouch not only saves your precious phone from water but also lets you do all the functions on it like taking a picture, working on an app or sending a message.

The Safeseed waterproof pouch fits all phones which have dimensions up to 160×80 mm and is available for only Rs. 279 on Amazon.

That’s a Wrap!

So, these were some of the smartphone accessories which you can buy from Amazon for as low as Rs. 300. Who said all smartphone accessories are expensive?

Last updated on 17 April, 2023

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