Google Maps Lets You Track Friends in Real-Time


Soon after announcing refreshed rewards and levels for its Local Guides programme on Google Maps, the company has updated its beloved Maps app with another feature which lets users share their location in real-time with their friends.

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This feature can be put to use either when one of your loved ones or friends are in a secluded spot during late hours and you need to keep a track of their location in order to ascertain their security or just keep a tab on a friend’s ETA during a get-together.

The location sharing feature is a useful one as it gives the owner of the device full control over for how long their location will be shared and with whom.

The location can be shared from 15 minutes to upto three days or indefinitely until the user manually switches it off.

The location shared by a user is only accessible to people who have a unique link to track the location in real-time and each link can be turned off at any time by the person who is sharing it.

How to Share and Track Location on Google Maps in Real-Time?

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Google Maps for both iOS and Android has received the ‘Share Location’ feature which can be accessed via the side-sliding menu on the Google Maps app.

Once you’ve agreed to the location policy, your device’s location will be turned on and a link for the same will be created.

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Users can directly share this link through any one of their messaging or social networking apps, allowing the recipient access to their location in real-time for the duration that the link is active.

The shared link can then be viewed on the recipients Google Maps app.


Sharing the location during a trip will also give the recipient access to your ETA as suggested by the Maps app, and the location access will be revoked once you’ve reached the destination.

This feature can be useful when planning a get together with friends or keeping an eye on your younger one’s whereabouts.

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