Top 5 Discounted Gadget Deals This Weekend

It’s another beautiful day and we’re here to make it even better for you with discounts on amazing deals on gears and gadgets. Quick, check them out before the offer runs out.

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Aluminium Fidget Spinner

Having issues focussing at work? Is your over-active hand causing your issues? Don’t worry, use this Fidget Spinner to regain focus and relieve stress.

HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display

The HUDWAY Glass Heads-up Navigation Display helps you focus on the road while you get directions right on the windscreen — making things safer both for you and others on the road.

SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera

The Skeye Nano Drone with Camera is one of the smallest drone-based cameras out there and don’t judge it by its size — it sure packs power. The nano drone has a 6-axis flight control system, built-in LEDs for flying at night, comes with 4 replacement rotor blades and is easy to manoeuvre as it fits in small places easily too.

Nut Mini Tracker

The Nut Mini Tracker is your new best friend if you’re in a habit of misplacing your car/home or any other keys quite often. You can place this little nut device even in your wallet and locate it if you ever lose it.

The device also notifies if you leave your phone behind. The losing stops here — that is, losing your valuables.

Smart Beam Laser Projector & Accessory Set

This portable 2-inch cube projector might look small in size but can undertake mighty tasks such as projecting 150 inches of HD display on any screen using a LCoS laser technology. The projector also doesn’t require any warm up or cool down time like other traditional projectors and is a breeze to take along with you during travels.



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