10 Tips to Increase Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most talked phones in recent times. The impeccable infinity screen and the incredible AMOLED display undoubtedly adds a certain edge to the phone but users are still left wanting for more.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Fix

As rich as all the features are, unfortunately, the 3000mAh battery can’t put up with this great display for too long. You’ll often find yourself looking for a charger or a power bank. Plus the 1.5 hours of charging time can really sour the Galaxy S8 experience.

Thinking along the same lines, we have compiled a list of 12 tips to increase battery life in the Samsung Galaxy S8, so that you can squeeze the maximum juice out of your device and yet have the best experience.

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1. Use a Dark Theme or a Wallpaper

It isn’t a secret that a dark theme increases the battery life of a phone. And when the combination is of a dark theme and an AMOLED display, it can certainly do wonders.

A dark wallpaper means that most of the pixels in the AMOLED screen are off and are using no power.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Fix 5

An experiment by the popular XDA developers had estimated that use of a black wallpaper can save up to 6% battery life per hour in 20% brightness. Though this was carried out with all the radio signals turned off, you can expect to save up to 4-5 percent of battery per hour by using a dark theme or wallpaper even when actively using the device.

2. Lower Screen Resolution

Controlling the screen resolution in the Samsung Galaxy S8 was one of the major highlights. All it requires is a slide and you can go from  HD+ and FHD+ to WQHD+ or the 2K resolution. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be using 2K resolution except to watch some videos or movies.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Fix 1

FHD+ is a good enough middle ground for the Samsung Galaxy S8, and even if you choose to opt for the 2K resolution for games or movies, remember to turn it back to FHD+.

Speaking of video, check how to use the Samsung Galaxy S8 Video Enhancer.

3.  Turn Off Always On Display

Surely the Always on Display is a major highlight of Samsung’s AMOLED screens. But this amazing screen eats up the battery juice on the long run. So if you can let go of the beautiful Always on Display, you can turn it off in the Settings > Lock screen and security > Always On Display.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Fix 11

If you have been thinking how you’ll wake up your device, no worries, just press on the lower screen and the phone will wake up.

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4. Switch off Location

Another nifty way to lengthen the battery life is to turn off the GPS when not in use. GPS is a battery hogging feature as it communicates with satellites and cell phone towers frequently. If turning off the GPS is not a feasible solution, you can, of course, turn to the ever helpful Battery Saving Location method.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Fix 3

Head over to Location > Locating Method and choose the option for Battery Saving. This mode will then only use Wi-fi and mobile networks to estimate your location.

Another nifty method is to scrutinize an app’s location usage. If an app can do without using the location, you can turn it off.

5. Use the Power App Monitor Effectively

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a great power monitor. Though the Max mode is to be used only under extreme circumstances, you can opt for the Mid mode which lowers the screen brightness to 10% and limits the CPU to clock at maximum 70%.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Fix 12

Plus, depending on your use, you can also choose to opt out of network usage for the background apps.

6. Optimize the Phone

A regular device maintenance goes a long way in improving the battery life of your precious Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Fix 14
Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Fix 15

Optimizing the phone lets you know if there has been any abnormal battery usage or malware present in the device. Other than that, it also closes background apps and also cleans up the temporary files.

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7. Put Apps to Sleep

Putting an app to sleep makes sure that it won’t run in the background and thus push notifications or updates for it will be paused until you reopen it. This essentially means that it goes into the sleep mode thus saving on both data and battery.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Fix 16

The best thing about it is that it can be done right from the home screen itself. Just long-press on an app and tap on sleep. This sends the app into hibernation and won’t hog on battery until you open it again.

8. Turn off Nearby Device Scanning

Nearby Device Scanning is not really a feature that one will use on an everyday basis. Though it comparatively uses lesser amount of battery juice while it searches for nearby devices using Bluetooth Low Energy and the microphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Fix 17

Head over to Settings > Connections > More Connection Settings and toggle off the Nearby Device Scanning option.

Another cause (though considerably lower) is keeping the NFC switched on. Aforesaid, it contributes very little to the battery drain, but still, you can keep it switched off when not in use.

9. Get Rid of Unused Apps

Last time I checked, I had over 160 apps. To be honest, I never use half of them on a regular basis. But the app usage doesn’t deter them from getting periodic updates over the net or using the battery every now and then.

So if you are seeing a sudden spike in the battery usage, do let go off all the unused apps.

10. Hunt Down Power Hungry Apps

These days most of the apps are optimized to handle power well, however, most of the social media apps like Facebook are notorious for draining the battery, even when they are not in use.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Fix 1

Head down to Battery > Battery Usage and check the amount of percentage that each app is draining. If it’s more than your calculation, select the apps and tap on Save Power.

Which is Your Favored Battery Saving Tip?

Most of the time, it’ some of the settings which are turned on by default, that is the cause of battery drain. Which battery saving tip do you resort to when the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S8 goes for a dive? Do let us know in the comments below?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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