Top 9 Sam­sung Galaxy J7 Max Fea­tures You Shouldn’t Miss

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Samsung launched two new budget smartphones  — Samsung Galaxy J7 Max and Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro — at an event in New Delhi on Wednesday. These two smartphones are an addition to the already popular J-series in India.

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The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max is priced at Rs. 17,900 while the Galaxy J7 Pro is priced at Rs. 20,900. Both the phones will be available offline as well as through Samsung’s online store.

The new Galaxy J7 lineup adds to the already growing list of budget phones in India. In this post today, we have lined up a brief specification and the top Samsung Galaxy J7 Max features.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max comes with a 5.7-inches Full HD TFT display and is powered by a MediaTek octa-core processor which clocks at 1.6 GHz. It packs in 4GB of RAM and 32 GB of built-in storage expandable through a microSD card and is powered by a 3300mAh battery.

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On the camera front, we have two 13-megapixel cameras at the front and rear. Going by the design of the latest Samsung smartphones, the Galaxy J7 Pro also sports a slim metal unibody with the fingerprint scanner cum home button placed at the chin of the phone.

So, that was on the specification front, here are few of the features that make the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max stand out.

1. Social Camera

Aforesaid, the Galaxy J7 Max sports 13-megapixel camera at the front as well as the back, with an aperture value of f/1.9 and f/1.7 respectively. However, the best use for the already powerful camera is the Social Camera.


Touted as an industry-first, the social camera lets you share and edit pictures instantly. All you have to do is pin your favorite contacts or social media platforms (in the camera) and share the pictures as you click. What’s more, it even has built-in stickers which were previously available only in its flagship device — the Galaxy S8.

What’s more, you’ll also be able to leave a social footprint with your camera through the Discover feature. Head over to the social mode of the camera and turn on location, after which you will be shown a gist of all the nearby places – whether it’s a great cafe or a shopping destination.

2. Secure Folder

Another one of the J7 Max’s cool features is the secure folder option. Available in the Advanced features, this one lets you create a secured vault within the phone.

Armed with a lock option like a pin or a password, this folder lets you have a parallel Gallery, email account or a notes app.

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For instance, if you’d like to lock a picture or a document, open the said object, tap on the three dot menu and tap on Move to secure folder. You have the option to choose how soon the secured app locks themselves up.

3. Samsung Pay Mini

With the introduction of Samsung Pay on March this year, it was natural that Samsung would introduce this seamless features in its other models as well.

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The Galaxy J7 Max sports a scaled-down version of the Samsung Pay — Samsung Pay Mini where you won’t be able to add your cards though, but you’ll get a comprehensive platform for making e-wallets and UPI payments.

The Galaxy J7 Max is the first Samsung smartphone to have this feature and Samsung will slowly make it available on existing J series smartphones.

4. Android Nougat

Moving on, we have the latest version of Android — Nougat — in the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max. It was quite surprising since the last two mid-tier releases of Samsung (Galaxy A5 and Galaxy C7 Pro) featured an older Android version.

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Android Nougat will open up a number of features like Split window multitasking, Mono audio mode, a nifty Quick Settings Menu, etc.

Already on Nougat? Make the most of your Nougat phone through these tips and tricks.

5. Dual SIM + SD Card

Unlike most of the smartphones where you have to either chose between dual SIM cards or a SIM and a memory card, the J7 Max has a unique advantage.

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It lets you slap two sims and a memory card together thus giving you the opportunity of expanding the memory as well to enjoy the benefits of having two SIMs.

6. Front Flash

If you are a camera savvy person, then you’ll love this feature. The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max also packs in a mean flash to go with the front camera, aka the selfie camera.


So, the next time you find yourself in a low-lit place, worry not, the front flash has you covered.

7. Smart Glow

The Samsung Smart Glow feature, launched along with the Galaxy J2 in 2016, has made way to the Galaxy J7 Max too. This smart light can be used to give priority alerts, usage alerts as well to assist in taking selfies through the rear camera.

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What’s more, if you keep your phone face down, you can assign different shades of colors to your favorite contacts, so that you recognize the caller in a single glance.

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Beyond that, Smart Glow also contains a nifty option called Snoop alert. This option comes in great use when you hand over your phone to someone else and they try to navigate to a different app/page. If you ask me, a sly way to catch a crook, right?

Find out how to get the most out of the Galaxy J7 Max Smart Glow.

8. Dual Messenger

It may not come as a surprise that most of us have two separate Facebook account. Though apps like parallel space make it easy to handle multiple accounts, however if you have built-in settings to handle the same, then nothing like it, right?

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The Dual Messenger mode in Advanced settings lets you do just that — you can have two Facebook and Skype accounts running side by side. And if you get confused, a tiny Red mark in the icons helps distinguish between the two accounts.

9. Panic Mode

The J7 Max comes with a built-in Panic Mode which when enabled, places an emergency call when you press the power button thrice. What’s more, the panic mode includes an SOS messenger which sends, well, an SOS to a chosen number.

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Furthermore, it includes a helpful option to attach a picture with the SOS message.

That’s All, Folks!

In conclusion, the Galaxy J7 Pro packs in a handful of impressive features which will definitely make your experience better. And besides, with the right customization at the right place, it won’t be long before you can unleash all its potential truly.

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