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Google crowdsources a tremendous amount of information for its apps and services and one such programme for its Google Maps — Local Guides — has received a major overhaul to its rewards system.

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Google has changed how it will reward points to participants and also how its levelling system will work for Local Guides.

Started in 2014, the programme got its first rewards feature later that year, which has now received another update as more and more people are accessing the internet every day.

Until now, the rewards programme let users climb upto 5 levels, depending on their contribution — reviews, adding photos of a place, adding or editing a place.

To get to the fifth level, users had to accrue 500 points, which means once you reach that spot, there was no incentive left for people to keep contributing.

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But Google Maps Local Guides programme is getting a major revamp which includes an addition of 5 new levels and more rewards.

“Over the next few days, we’re rolling out updates to the Local Guides program, including a new point system, new levels that unlock different kinds of perks and new ways to earn points,” the company stated.

The new update takes the Levels up to 10, and to get there a user needs to accrue 100,000 points. The addition in the rewards levels means that users will have more to look forward to.

Reaching to the 4th level will allow the users to get access to three months of Google Play Music for free and 75 percent off on rentals in the Google Play Movie store in selected countries.

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Those who are the first ones to add a new place on a map or to write reviews about a place will earn additional points.

Users will get new badges as and when they complete a level, which will appear next to their Local Guides’ profile picture in Google Maps.

The addition of levels as well as revamping of the rewards for reaching these levels is a smart move by Google as it will undoubtedly increase the user engagement to the programme as an increasing number of people are using the internet every day.

Although crowdsourcing programmes by Google and the likes have been around for a while, it’s only recently that they’ve been rolled out to the global users. Note, the programme might not have been updated with the new features yet in your region.

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