Charge as You Play: Log­itech Brings Wire­less Charg­ing to Mouse Pads


Good news for gamers as Logitech has finally put the wireless charging tech to some great use this year as now your wireless mouse will never lose power with their Powerplay mouse pad — a mouse pad which continuously charges your wireless mouse.

Powerplay Hero

Logitech G Powerplay ensures that the mice is always charging and there is no need to dock it separately for charging. Coupled with Lightspeed, the Powerplay tech provides superior connectivity and power performance.

Alongside unveiling the new tech, the company also introduced two new gaming mice — Logitech G903 and G703 — which replace the G900 and G403, respectively.

“For decades, we’ve pioneered development in wireless gaming, and our new PowerPlay and LightSpeed wireless technologies continue this commitment to wireless superiority,” said Ujesh Desai, VP and GM of Logitech.

The Lightspeed tech delivers one-millisecond report rate and end-to-end signal optimisation, resulting in a competitive response rate.

The Powerplay wireless charging system is a step away from the conventional wireless charging requiring the device to be positioned in one specific area.


“With PowerPlay, LightSpeed and our new G903 and G703 mice, you’ll get unbeatable precision, lag-free performance and infinite power, which gives gamers the highest-quality experience,” he added.

Reportedly, the tech took Logitech four years to develop into a finished product that is being launched now as Powerplay and Lightspeed, which doesn’t use the standard Qi wireless charging but something proprietary.

The Powerplay bundle which includes a power core module, a wireless charging base and two mousing surfaces — hard and soft — is available for $99.99.

The Logitech G903 will be available for a price of $149.99 while the G703 will be available for $99.99.

Given that the ‘charge as you play’ wireless mouse revolution of Logitech has just started, all the upcoming gaming mice by the company will support the same powerplay charging station.

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