What Happens to the Internet Without Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is an important aspect as it keeps the Internet free of monopoly by companies/websites with a deep pocket — helping in making the internet a more diverse and free place.

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If not for net neutrality, corporate bigwigs can afford to pay internet service providers in order to crush traffic going to some other website and funnel it to their own.

Net neutrality is necessary because not only does it keep the internet free to use as a user might please to, it also maintains a healthy competition between millions of websites trying to make a mark on the internet landscape.

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Without net neutrality, no new company will be able to start-up their business without investing a considerable amount of money in the Internet Service Provider’s plans.

Although there is no certainty that ISPs will take this road, but they have to make money and if more avenues to do just that open up, I’m not sure how long they would be able to hold off.

With net neutrality facing imminent threat under Trump‘s administration as they seek to overturn a decision from the time of President Obama, there is no doubt that citizens need to be made increasingly aware of the perils of Internet without net neutrality in place.

What Will Happen to the Internet Without Net Neutrality?

There are hundreds and thousands of articles and research materials available to learn about net neutrality but here is a way to experience it first hand.

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The Removal of Net Neutrality Simulator — a Google Chrome extension — helps users experience what it really would be like if the FCC really overturns last government’s decision to maintain net neutrality.

The extension slows down your internet connection and blocks access to several websites. For example, it asks you to use Hulu if you try to access Netflix.

Net Neutrality

This might not really happen even if net neutrality laws are revoked and ISPs get greater control over how the people use the internet, but the extension shows the worst case scenario.

I wouldn’t bet a penny on ISPs not abusing the fall of net neutrality to further their gains.

Reportedly, tech companies like Amazon, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Etsy and more are going to hold a campaign against FCC to protect net neutrality.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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