7 Gmail Chrome Extensions You Should Get Right Now

Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most used email services primarily due to its ease of use and amazing features. What makes this email service even cooler is the seamless integration with other Google apps and services.

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One such example is the Google Chrome extensions for Gmail. These extensions not only help in an effective management of emails but also makes work much easier with their nifty features.

Today, we have assembled a list of seven such Google Chrome extensions for Gmail, so, let’s quickly check them out.

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1. Simple Gmail Notes

Most of the times, we receive emails that just needs actions instead of responses. And what good is an action if you can’t remember it later? Simple Gmail Notes is the perfect tool that rises to the occasion by letting you add notes to the important emails.

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And since, this extension stores the notes in Google Drive, it’ll need your permission to access the same. What’s more, it even supports the refined Inbox by Gmail.

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So every time you open an email, the notes box will appear at the top of the email. From changing color, searching notes to adding an email as a calendar event — much can be accomplished using this simple tool. And everytime you open Gmail, you’ll  get a bird’s eye view of all the notes, in their various color formats.

2. Gmail™ Email Templates

Making an email to look a certain way all by ourselves is a pretty time-consuming task. Thanks to templates, this task can be made easier. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get access to a number of attractive templates with just the click of a button?

Gmail™ Email Templates is an apt solution. It contains a diverse list of templates right from birthday invite to sales and marketing. All you need to do is click on the little button besides the Send button, pick your template, fill it up and send.

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Compare it to the unnecessary hassle of searching for an image, filling it up in a different tool and importing it as an image.

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And the best thing about this extension is that most of the fillers are pre-loaded thus making it way easier for you to just hit the Send button.

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3. Todoist for Gmail

Emails can be overwhelming at times, particularly if one receives a large number of them within a short span of time on a busy day. Todoist for Gmail, as the name suggests, helps in better email management by turning emails into tasks.

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Touted as one of the best to-do list apps by Verge, this extension is compatible across a number of platforms. To create a task from an email, open the email and click on the Todoist icon at the top, add in the time and project and you are done.

What’s more, the tool even lets you add collaborators to the tasks who can edit or add tasks to a particular project.

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Plus, there are a number of keyboard shortcuts to make work much easier and faster. This extension is free to install from the Chrome web store, though some of the features like comments, activity log and labels are hidden behind a paywall.

4. Ugly Email

Trackers are the ugly side of business through emails. Email trackers are used by many subscription based companies or online marketers to identify information like the time when the mail was opened, whether you clicked the embedded links or where you opened the email.

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Given that, the concept of online privacy is at risk, extensions like Ugly Email helps in identifying the email trackers. Since most of them use a 1×1 hidden pixel for transmitting info, Ugly Email identifies and blocks it from transmitting information to its server.

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What makes it a must-have is that it doesn’t read emails and neither stores or transmits your data anywhere. Once an email has been identified, a small eye is displayed with the information about the tracking technique used.

5. Checker Plus

Checker Plus is an amazing Chrome extension which lets you handle multiple Gmail accounts all from the comfort of the browser toolbar. From sending emails, customizing sounds and notification, browsing emails and moving to another folder — this nifty tool handles most of the stuff with ease.

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Once this extension is added, the total number of unread emails are displayed in the toolbar. Click on it and you get a brief overview of your accounts. It also lets you compose replies right from the toolbar, however, it won’t let you add any attachment.

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To draft a new email, you have to click on the plus icon at the bottom which opens the Gmail window in a popup.

6. FullContact for Gmail

FullContract for Gmail is a contact management tool for Gmail that aids in taking full control of your address book. It displays the available contact information of the sender along with other relevant information like position at the company, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, etc.

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All you need to do is hover over the sender email ID or open the email —  all the contact information will be displayed on the right panel.

Plus, if the Twitter account is connected to the app, the sender’s latest tweets will be visible right there in your inbox.

7. Grammarly

No email should leave your inbox with bad grammar or spelling mistakes. After all, you wouldn’t want the person on the other end judging you and your skill, right? Grammarly for Google Chrome is the excellent tool for this purpose.

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Not only does it point out the typos and the grammatical errors, it also lets you know the alternative options for a particular word.

Which Gmail Extension Do You Use?

Chrome extensions for Gmail certainly make work much smoother with their impressive features. Did we miss to include any favorite extension of yours in this list? Let us know in the comments section.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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