5 Online Free Cable TV Alternatives to Watch Movies and TV Shows

The trend of watching television on your computer is growing. Whether you’re a student running tight on cash who needs a copy of these shows on your computer, or you’re just thinking of getting rid of your television, here are five free alternatives to cable TV that you will certainly find useful.

Disclaimer: Not all services might be legal in your country of residence. You may want to check and see what those are, because although we love our readers, Guiding Tech is not responsible for what you choose to do. 🙂

1. IceFilms


IceFilms is a great resource for television shows and movies. It allows you to stream pretty high-quality videos from sources like Megavideo and 4shared, provided you set up the site correctly. Even if you don’t, it’s a very thorough source that aggregates a lot of clips from sites where the download speed is usually pretty zippy. IceFilms covers a good amount of TV shows, as well as standup comedies and movies as well.

2. Hulu


The most legitimate sister out of the five, Hulu is probably the most well-known as well as the most unavailable. If you’re in the States, good for you! Check out Hulu and prepare to be amazed (if you hadn’t heard of it before). For the rest of us, you could try out using a VPN tool to access the site .

3. MegaRelease


Mostly filled with collections of movies, MegaRelease is a great resource for film lovers who like the idea of AMC on steroids. With movies ranging from DVD to Blu-Ray quality, there’s a huge supply and variety of things to watch. Don’t forget to have a look at their Friends blogroll for more alternatives as well. 🙂

4. Torrents

Torrents To

Torrent sites like Torrentz, Isohunt, Scrapetorrent etc are all sources of seasons and seasons of TV shows. Generous seeders have archived and uploaded tons of television shows on these databases, and it’s simply up to you to find the ones with the highest seed to leach ratio. Although they’ve got the widest scope, there are also a lot of downsides to this alternative, such as weird advertisements when browsing and, for the paranoid, a greater chance of downloading a virus. (Avoid .exe files when possible.)

New to torrents? Check out our Guide to Downloading Torrents (for Mac users) which has the basic principles of using Torrents to their highest speed.

5. Quick Silver Screen


Who doesn’t love Quick Silver Screen? Since trying to find alternatives to cable TV, QSS has been a great service to all who have wanted to cut their cable but didn’t want to miss out on their favorite TV shows. Perhaps the most established out of the five, QSS is still going strong and has a broad collection of shows for your viewing pleasure.

Is your ol’ tube still looking so appealing? Get off the couch, and plop onto your swivel chair. If you want a method to organize all these files, have a look at Plex (Windows user could use their very own Media Center). Enjoy the experience!

Last updated on 23 February, 2022

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