Forgotify: Explore Forgotten Spotify Music

One of the biggest music streaming service, Spotify, has tens and millions of songs in its gigantic music library and more often than not, a chunk of these songs never get the audience they deserve — courtesy of some huge hits which push these back.


But if you’re bored of your run-of-the-mill music selection and would like to try something different, then there is a solution for you online.

Meet Forgotify — a website which exposes you to those million of tracks which no one has listened to on Spotify.

According to Spotify, 80% of the songs in its library are listened to at least once, but that leaves millions of songs out in the dark and Forgotify makes it easier for users to find it.

“We love music. That’s why we were so shocked to learn that millions of Spotify songs had been played only partially or never at all. A musical travesty, really,” the team at Forgotify explains.

To be able to use the service, you’ll need to be logged into your Spotify account when you access the website.

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“So we set out to give these neglected songs another way to reach your earholes, and Forgotify was born,” they add.

Once logged in, access the website and click on ‘Start Listening’. You’ll be served with a song which hasn’t been played on Spotify yet.

If the song isn’t at par with your taste, then the ‘next’ button comes to the rescue which takes you to another song on the unplayed list.

The Forgotify team comprises of Lane Jordan, J Hausmann and Nate Gagnon.

In an interview with TIME, Jordan explained that the website works by searching for Spotify for songs with ‘0’ popularity rating, which essentially indicates that the songs have never been played by a user.

At the time the service was started, there were about 4 million unplayed songs on Spotify and with the addition of fresh releases into Spotify’s library, there is no doubt that the figure would have increased manifold.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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