Now You Can Add Loca­tion Tag to Your Red­dit Posts


Rightly called the front page of the internet, Reddit — one of the biggest communities on the internet at the present time — has added a new feature to the website which allows users to add the location tag to posts.

The Reddit app will be using Foursquare’s location intelligence which is also used by tech titans like Apple, Samsung, Twitter and Snapchat, among others.

While most of Reddit’s posts are simple discussions and users will not typically need the location tag for their posts but some travel or food-related posts might get help from this feature.

“Now, passionate readers of and contributors to Reddit, home to the web’s most vibrant communities and the ‘front page of the Internet,’ will be able to add a location to any mobile post,” Mike Harkey, Foursquare’s VP of Business Development said.

This can be viewed as Reddit’s evolution into becoming an increasingly powerful and mature community-based social networking website.

Although almost all of the other social networks have had this feature for their users since a long time, Reddit’s attempt at adding this feature is crucial into the brand transforming into a full-fledged social network.

“Just as Snapchatters love geo-filters and Pinterest users go wild for photo maps, now the Reddit community can quickly note where their story takes place,” he added.

In February, Reddit had even added profile pages for its users which emulated those seen on Facebook and Twitter and also gave users the ability to follow other users.

The company has made the location tagging feature optional and emphasised that Redditors can ‘keep their profile private, anonymous and detail-free’.

The location information will not be stored by either Reddit or Foursquare even when a post is tagged.

Desktop users can not use the location tagging feature which has only been made available on their app — which launched a year back — for Android and iOS.

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