The 360-Degree Camera of the Essential Phone

The Essential Phone, from the founder of Android Andy Rubin, is finally here with its incredible design and majestic features. However, what makes it stand out starkly in the sea of smartphones is its incredible 360-degree camera accessory.

Essential Phone 360 Camera 0

Yep, you read that right. The Essential Phone features a modular 360-degree camera along with the world’s tiniest dual camera setup. This modular accessory can be taken off and on as required with minimum fuss.

But then, 360 cameras have been with us for the past couple of years. So, here comes the important question.

How is the Essential Phone’s 360-degree Camera Different?

As pointed out by Xiaoyu Miao, head of optics and imaging in Essential, “The 360 camera captures the entire world around the user, which fundamentally changes how we take a picture”. Yes, that’s true but at the same time, they can bulky and expensive.

Essential has solved this issue with this incredible thumb-sized 360-degree camera.

Essential Phone 360 Camera 1

What makes this camera different is that it can be clipped to the rear of the phone with the help of two small magnetic pins.

Once plugged, the Essential Phone integrates this 360-degree camera seamlessly and treats it like a built-in feature with the help of image fusion technology.

Technical Details

Moving into technicalities, a wireless magnetic connector keeps the camera in place while a dual 12-megapixel image sensor captures the world around you. It also sports a realtime stitching engine which will render the 360-degree image as it is being shot.

Essential Phone 360 Camera

And as far as the size is concerned, the Essential 360-degree camera measures roughly 67mm x 32mm and weighs about 35 grams. The device is powered by the two power pins when it is latched to the Essential Phone.

Adding to it, this tiny accessory also sports four microphones for capturing audio.

What’s more, the camera sports dual 12MP fisheye lens with an aperture value of f/1.8 and an FOV of 210-degress each. Furthermore, the 360-degree Essential camera can also record 4K (UHD) videos at 30 FPS.

The Essential Phone’s 360-degree accessory will be available alongwith the phone for $50. But if you wish to buy it separately, it’ll set you back by $199.

Apart from this, the Essential Phone also features the world’s tiniest dual camera setup which is a combination of color and mono lenses.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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