12 Free Awesome Android Games That Will Get You Hooked

Surely, a number of the Android games are addictive, but there are a few games in the Android Play Store which give the word addiction a whole new meaning.

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What’s best about this game is that they are great time killers. In most of the cases, you start playing a game and before you know it, time just vanishes. But tracking down such games can be a huge task.

But, worry not, we have done the hard work and have assembled a list of awesome Android games that will leave you hooked on to them.

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1. Golf Zero

If Mario ever played golf during his run to rescue Princess Peach, it would have resulted in Golf Zero. Golf Zero is a crazy mix of golfing and survival. The goal is simple — put the ball in the hole. The crazy part is how you do it.

Golf Zero

So whether you’re jumping across a chasm or inching your way in a trolley, make sure you are hitting the ball as you do it.

It’s not an easy game to master, but chances are that you’ll end up playing for hours, at the very least.

2. Burger – The Game

Have you ever tried flipping burger patties into buns straight from the pan? Well, the Burger – The Game should teach you how to. This game is as simple it can get — all you need to do is flip patties perfectly into the buns.

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Screenshot 20170526 150156

Considering the fact that patties can be slippery, you have to aim hard. A burger is ‘completed’ if you miss landing a patty after one successful hit.  Moreover, there are 30 different flappable foods to unlock.

Plus, there’s an option to flip vegetarian food too if the idea of flipping a piece of chicken isn’t amusing.

3. Black Blue

The Black-Blue game is built on the philosophy of Yin-Yang and is a turn based game. There are two dots — Black and Blue —  and you’ll be given random grey dots on the game area.

Screenshot 20170526 115716
Screenshot 20170526 115656

The aim is to cover as much area as possible. The one which covers most of the area comes out as the winner. What starts as a simple game will end up eating more hours than you had bargained for.

4. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is an endless snowboarding game where you have to collect Llamas and coins while you snowboard your way around rocks, alpine forest, and endless chasms. The game is an absolute smooth play with beautiful graphics, great weather effects, and a pleasant-to-the-ear soundtrack.

Screenshot 20170526 132408

And while you meander your way, don’t forget to perform stunts like double flip, but make sure that you don’t land on your head.

Unlike the other endless games like Temple Run or Subway Surfer, here the game plan is not to survive the longest but to complete as many goals as possible.

5. Yellow

Yeah, the Coldplay song! And seems the makers have taken the line “And it’s all Yellow”‘ a tad too seriously. Yellow is a puzzle game with a single aim — turn the whole screen yellow.

Screenshot 20170526 121041
Screenshot 20170526 121026

The puzzles are fun, short and cleverly designed to intrigue you into playing more and more. What’s more, no two puzzles are same, so most of the time you have to spin your brain to come up with the solution.

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6. Jetpack Joyride

Winner of Editor’s Choice awards, Jetpack Joyride is a story of a gramophone salesman as he sails across in his bullet-powered jetpack.

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The goal of the game is to collect Strong Arm Machine (SAM), and in the process collect coins and dodge zappers, lasers, and missiles.

There are many power upgrades and can be purchased through the coins that you collect. Plus, don’t forget to dress up the action hero Barry Steakfries in flashy clothes.

7. PinOut

PinOut, touted as a fantastic pinball game by Wired, puts a twist on the classic pinball game. Instead of a simple box with impossible geometry to maneuver, this game puts Pinball into the infinity zone where the ball goes on an on.

Screenshot 20170526 122357

Just as you smack the ball with a flipper, it would land on a new board with a new set of flippers. The purpose is easy — collect points and climb up the board in the allotted time. What’s more, the gameplay is combined with flashy lights and jazzy music to boost the adrenaline.

8. Diep.io

Diep.io is from the makers of the viral online game Agar.io. However, instead of a microbe, the game character is a tank and you’ll have to shoot and destroy blocks and enemy tanks.

Screenshot 20170520 1230590

The controls are a bit difficult initially, but once you get the hang of it (in the midst of many restarts) the game turns out to be more than just addictive. And hey, do watch out for the red bullets coming your way.

9. Blue Edge

Ketchapp games are seldom boring. Whether it’s Floors or Stickman, they are bound to leave you hooked to their creations. Another one from the same developer is Blue Edge. All you have to do is guide the Blue ball safely to its destination. But mind you, the road is filled with evil black balls, stingy red balls, and spikes sticking out from the side walls.

Screenshot 20170526 130056
Screenshot 20170526 150042

The interface is beautifully designed keeping every minute detail in focus. And if the above obstacles weren’t enough, you have multiplying black balls too.

10. Bottle Flip

Looking for flipping bottles in the air? The Bottle Flip game should do as well in satisfying your wish. The aim of the game is to land the bottles upright in the platform. One perfect landing earns you one point.

Screenshot 20170526 145811
Screenshot 20170526 124410

Seems easy, right? Well, the platform gets smaller each time you flip right. The game is fun and is a great time-killer, but the only downside is that there are ads in between.

11. What’s Inside the Box?

What’s inside the box? is an easy-peasy puzzle game where you need to solve 100 puzzles in order to steal a look inside the box.

Screenshot 20170526 141431
Screenshot 20170526 145639

The game is a bundle of crazy puzzles with a hint box at the bottom. But the catch is that you’ll have to watch a video for the hints. All in all, it’s an amusing game and a great method to kill time.

12. Blocky Castle

If you ever wanted to launch a pixelated Elephant from the top of a tower, then the Blocky Castle is the answer to your crazy dream. Not only you have to get animals atop the tower but also you have to save it from spikes, water drops, swinging platforms, jumping bombs and collect coins on the way.

Screenshot 20170526 143248
Screenshot 20170526 143323

What confuses me is that how a drop of water can kill an Elephant! Anyways, the ensemble of characters is hilarious and if you loved Crossy Roads, then you’ll end up falling in love with this one too.

That’s a Wrap!

These were some of the games which are not only addictive but are downright amusing and entertaining. Comment and let us know your favorite, will ya?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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