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Play Store is flooded with millions of apps and while most of them are free to use with in-app purchases in majority of the cases, several thousand of them are paid to even install and can take anything from a buck to hundreds to install.

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Well, if paying for an app on Play Store doesn’t particularly please you, then Google has a way for you to get it for free by using the Google Opinion Rewards app.

Really! No tricks here and it’s not us, rather Google’s Surveys team which has come to your aid.

The Google Opinion Rewards app requires you to answer some quick surveys and will then reward you with Google Play credit which can be used to pay for apps on the Play Store.

The app has been around for a long-long time but has now finally been launched in India, Singapore, and Turkey.

How to Use Google Opinion Rewards?

The app is simple to use. You’ll just need to fill some basic information about yourself at the beginning after the installation is complete.

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Then the app directs you towards a survey, which doesn’t pay any credits but is a sample survey which gives users an idea of what the surveys will look like.

After your profile has been set up, you’ll be notified by the app whenever you receive a survey.

The surveys will consist of questions like, “Which logo is the best?”, “Which promotion is most compelling?” and “When do you plan on traveling next?”

Next time you receive a survey, just answer all questions as accurately as possible and wait for your rewards will show up soon once you’re done.

All the survey rewards are calculated by the app and a reward history is also maintained if you need to go back and check whether or not your completed survey earned you rewards.

There is a link on the homepage of the app which will redirect you to the Play Store where you can buy paid apps using the Google Play credits earned via the Google Opinion Rewards app.

The app can be used while commuting or otherwise when you’ve some time to kill. Maybe you can create a wishlist of paid apps and wait for surveys to get you to them.

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