Apple Gives You 10 Reasons to Lose Your Android and Switch to an iPhone

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the two main operating systems supporting devices worldwide with an estimated 87.5 percent devices powered by Android and 12.1 percent powered by iOS.

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Although Apple — and its users — claim that iPhones are the best smartphones with the latest technology as well as aesthetically pleasing looks, a majority of the world population still prefers to use Android devices.

This is not only due to additional customisation options available to Android users but also due to pricing — especially in developing countries.

Apple iPhone’s — like any other of the company’s product — command a premium price, which isn’t a viable option for most of the consumers in developing economies.

With an increase in the number of Chinese smartphone companies and their popularity, Apple’s sales have suffered greatly, so much so that it lost the best selling device’s crown to a native manufacturer in China last year.

It’s worth noting that since Android is an open-source platform, an increasing number of devices are powered by it due to the ease of customising the OS to suit the company’s needs.


Apple’s efforts to get back in the race have been prevalent since they launched the Move to iOS app on Google Play store, which enables Android users to move their device files to their new Apple iPhone seamlessly.

But the revamped version of their website which goes with the title ‘Switch from Android to iPhone‘ as ‘Life is easier on iPhone’ gives users just about 10 reasons why they should choose iPhone over an Android device.

The questions answered include:

  • Will it be easy to switch to iPhone?
  • Is the camera as good as they say?
  • Why is iPhone so fast?
  • Will iPhone be easy to use?
  • How does iPhone help protect my personal information?
  • What makes messages so great?
  • Can I get help from a real person?
  • Can I switch at an Apple Store?
  • What about the environment?
  • Will I love my iPhone?

In addition to this, the company is also offering exchange discount from your existing Android or iPhone up to $260.

While, these gimmicks might get Apple a few new users, but if they’re looking forward to making Android users switch to Apple in large numbers — especially in emerging markets — then dropping the prices will make iPhones a sweeter deal than this website or any of the advertisements for the same.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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