10 Amazon Prime TV Shows You Must Binge Watch Now

Amazon has been adding more benefits to its Prime membership which already has a huge catalog of movies, TV shows, exclusive deals, early access to lightning deals and one-day delivery plans.

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Amazon Prime Video, a major part of the Prime membership, which is rivaled by the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and others has been gaining popularity worldwide — thanks to its wide variety of content.

Although the company keeps adding to the list of video content for Prime members — tying up with a number of native content producers — there are a lot of Amazon originals and otherwise which demand your attention.

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Here is a list of TV shows you can consider binge-watching before moving on to the new content.

The Man in the High Castle

Man High Castle

Starring Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans and DJ Qualls, the series follows the aftermath of the world where the Axis powers — comprising of Nazi Germany and Japan — have won the second World War, or have they really?

The series follows a group of underground revolutionaries who try to figure out what really happened in the history as ‘The Man in the High Castle’ is the supposed leader of this movement. How would the world be? See for yourself in The Man in the High Castle.

American Playboy

American Playboy

American Playboy follows the life story of Hugh Hefner — the infamous editor and producer of Playboy magazine and other media — as he’d say ‘As I know it’.

The pilot talks about why and how Hugh came up with the idea for the magazine which wasn’t called ‘Playboy’ to begin with, where he drew the inspiration to start it and how the struggles led to the success story we witness in the modern day.

The series follows a part-documentary, part-enacted script which is synced quite well.

The Mentalist


The Mentalist follows the life of an independent consultant — Patrick Jane — who was previously known as a psychic due to his exceptional observational skills and now works with the California Bureau of Investigation and helps them solve crimes with his expertise.

Fans of detective/crime TV series will get glued to their screens watching this as the attention to detail and Patrick’s skills do not fail to impress.

The Grand Tour

Grand Tour

Starring Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May, The Grand Tour explores different automobiles from several manufacturers as the trio embark on a travelling spree across the globe.

This one is a pure entertainer for automobile enthusiasts and a great way to learn about the mean machines roaring the highways and streets worldwide.



A girl without any identification is found in one of the busiest junctions of the world — the Times Square — and is covered in tattoos from head to toe, but has no memory of her past or who she is — follow her story with Blindspot as she recollects fragments of memories from the past and discovers how she ended up like that.

Anger Management

Anger Management

All those who love Two and a Half Men must do so due to the amazing theatrics of Charlie Sheen — which most of the times took inspiration from his real life too — and will also agree that the TV show lost its touch after Sheen’s exit.

Well, in case you’re missing his theatrics and missed his Anger Management TV show, then you’re in for a treat. The series follows life of Charlie Sheen — similar to the one we saw on Two and a Half Men — and doesnt’ disappoint at all.



Based on a 1973 movie by the same name, the series focusses on a futuristic theme park that has artificial beings walking around, interacting with the human guests and acting according to their will.

Starring Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright and Ed Harris, watch it just to have a glimpse into the probable part of the future of our society.

What happens when these artificial beings start to gain a conscience and remember things? Follow Westworld for more.

Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete

The Amazon Original series follows the life of a convict — Marius played by Giovanni Ribisi — who is trying to escape his old life by assuming the identity of his former cell mate — Pete.

Although Pete’s family don’t suspect Marius of not being their long-lost son, they do have their own fair share of secrets that make Marius’ new life even worse than the one he was trying to escape.

Will Marius be able to survive the new life as Pete or will he cave in? Watch Sneaky Pete to know more.

Into the Badlands

Into The Badlands

Fighting is a skill in this world without guns. Follow the story of a stoic warrior accompanied by a teenager as they embark on a quest to search for enlightenment in a world controlled by ruthless feudal barons and also help a new baron — The Widow — in her quest to gain control of the Badlands.

Mad Men

Mad Men

Set in the 1960s, Mad Men follows the life of Don Draper, one of the most successful Ad-man in New York at the time as he tries to manage his trembling personal and exceptional professional life — both of which seem to be in shambles gradually — and how he finds peace with it all in the end.

It’s a fast-paced drama which portrays stereotypes in the society and different culture followed by various classes of people during that time — the storyline is crisp and catchy and seldom seems draggy.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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