Amazon Prime Reading Feature Launched in UK: Global Roll Out Imminent


Amazon Prime has been loading its customers with features from single day deliveries to Amazon Prime videos, exclusive sales for Prime members, among other things and now they’re rolling out Prime Reading feature too.

Amazon Prime Reading, which was first launched in September 2016, was only available to Prime subscribers in the US and now has been rolled out to its UK-based customers.

In addition to the Reading feature, Amazon’s Prime membership gives subscribers access to its One-Day delivery, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Live Events, Prime Photos, early access to lightning deals and more.

“Amazon Prime just got even better with the addition of Prime Reading, giving customers unlimited access to over a thousand books, including bestsellers like Harry Potter, magazines and comics for no additional cost,” said Alessio Santarelli, EU Kindle Content Director, Amazon.

Now Amazon Prime members based in the UK will be able to access thousands of books, magazines, comics and Kindle exclusives — both fiction and non-fiction — from the bookstore at Amazon.

Prime members can gain access to these books by simply logging into the Kindle app using their Amazon account credentials on any iOS or Android device and your PC.

“Prime members will love the range of books now available to them on any device, with everything from psychological thrillers, to business books, the latest travel guides, and bestselling fiction,” he added.

The selection of books and magazines that are offered for free under the Prime Reading programme will be rotated every once in a while which will allow users to get a taste of different publications and authors.

In addition to popular novels and magazines, Prime readers will also have access to exclusive short content such as short stories, memoirs and essays from top writers worldwide under their Kindle Classics and Kindle Singles section.

UK is the second market to receive the Amazon Prime Reading benefit and given the popularity of the Prime programme in as many countries, as it has been launched, the arrival of this feature to other countries with Amazon Prime members seems imminent.

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