Instagram’s Need to Clone Snapchat Rather Than Inno­vate is Unsettling


Instagram has been one of the more famous photo-sharing platforms and ever since the app was acquired by Facebook, its integration with the platform has made the app even more seamless to use but is copying features from a competition the future of tech industry?

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There is no denying the fact that social apps have been copying each other’s feature for a long time and doing that is no news — but such incessant copying a competition’s features without feeling the need to innovate something productive for its users is disturbing.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Instagram’s VP of Product, Kevin Weil said, “Kudos to Snapchat for being the first to Stories, but it’s a format and it’s going to be adopted widely across a lot of different platforms.”

Incorporating each other’s features helps social media networks to stay relevant and more engaging, lest there would’ve been a separate social network with just hashtags, another with direct messaging, so on and so forth.

But the team at Instagram seems to have taken to copying the competition’s feature and has given up on innovating themselves.

To Innovate or To Clone?

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Since big and established companies like Instagram’s parent company Facebook have the needed workforce to successfully copy new features from their competitors or upcoming startups then where does it leave the new players with little workforce?

This will only result in companies like Facebook capitalising on any new features that the market witnesses and serving it to their own ginormous audience without even giving the little players a go at the tech they’ve innovated.

If cloning is given as much preference over innovating as seems to be the current trend then the day isn’t far when there are no companies left to copy from as new companies fail to rival the social media giant and the funding starts to drop off.

However, this might lead to better things as Facebook and their owned projects will have to start innovating at one point at least — when there is no one left to copy features from.

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