Top 25 Countries with the Most Gaming Revenue

The global gaming industry has seen a major boom in the past two decades, sprawling over multiple popular consoles like Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo consoles, PCs and more.

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The gaming industry sees thousands of gaming titles releasing every year and several hundreds of them garner major revenue from sales.

The countries are ranked below by the revenue generated from gaming titles, excluding revenues from hardware sales, b2b services, online gambling, and betting.

Unsurprisingly, China and USA topped the list with not a very significant gap in the revenues accumulated by developers in the two countries.

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Although China generates more revenue than the US, the notable aspect is the former’s entire population dwarfs the latter.

Not only that, the internet population of China is more than three times that of US. Per se, if you look at the revenue generated by per-person basis, US tops the list.

Japan, Germany, and the UK occupied the next three spots on the ranking list, showing a steep decline in the revenues.

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The list compiled by Newzoo ranks countries on the basis of revenue generated by gaming titles, which translates into how the number of users buying games, also gives an insight into the popularity of e-gaming in these nations.

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According to Newzoo, “These estimates are based on a combination of primary consumer research, transactional data, quarterly company reports and census data.”

  1. China: $27.54 billion in revenues
  2. United States of America: $25.05 billion in revenues
  3. Japan: $12.54 billon in revenues
  4. Germany: $4.37 billion in revenues
  5. United Kingdom: $4.21 billion in revenues
  6. Republic of Korea: $4.18 billion in revenues
  7. France: $2.96 billion in revenues
  8. Canada: $1.94 billion in revenues
  9. Spain: $1.91 billion in revenues
  10. Italy: $1.87 billion in revenues
  11. Russian Federation: $1.48 billion in revenues
  12. Mexico: $1.42 billion in revenues
  13. Brazil: $1.33 billion in revenues
  14. Australia: $1.23 billion in revenues
  15. Taiwan: $1.02 billion in revenues
  16. Indonesia: $879 million in revenues
  17. India: $817 million in revenues
  18. Turkey: $773 million in revenues
  19. Saudi Arabia: $647 million in revenues
  20. Thailand: $597 million in revenues
  21. Malaysia: $586 million in revenues
  22. Netherlands: $567 million in revenues
  23. Poland: $489 million in revenues
  24. Iran: $431 million in revenues
  25. Argentina: $423 million in revenues
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If you wish to know which other countries complete the top 100 gaming industries in the world taking revenues into account, check out the full list here.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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