Teleport: Find the Right City That Suits your Lifestyle

Whosoever said that switching jobs and relocating to a new city is easy clearly never did it themselves. There is a lot more than packing and booking your travel tickets to shifting to a new place and this website helps you with it.


Teleport, a website which houses data on hundreds and thousands of cities worldwide can help you explore and find a suitable city for your lifestyle or at least help you better understand the city you’ve decided to shift to.

The website contains data on cities pertaining to parameters like the quality of life in the city, the cost of living, taxation, safety, education, climate, VISA, outdoors and several hundred more.

The website not only provides you with data to judge the city in question yourself but also provides you resources like helping in looking for a job — via partner sites — and planning your move to the city.

“Teleport builds software to move you to the best place to live and work. Explore the best cities based on your personal preferences, and we’ll lend you a hand with preparing and executing the move,” the company’s website reads.

A number of the company’s team members were previously helping in building Skype which was one of the pioneering solutions to virtually connecting people via video calls.


“We now aim to make physically rearranging the human population just as easy,” the company website adds.

It doesn’t matter where you’re located right now as the website helps you find the best possible location for you worldwide.

The website is a handy resource for anyone planning to settle in a different city anywhere across the globe as the data provided in the website helps one judge prospective places better based on hundreds of useful parameters.


You can even compare the city you plan to move to with your current city to judge if you’ll be happier over there or you should look for alternatives.

The website also offers local counsel in the form of a forum where users can put up questions which are then answered by the natives.

A number of major cities are missing from the website’s database but they’ll surely keep adding more and the data available is good enough to judge whether a city is suitable for your lifestyle and work.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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