Rick and Morty VR Game Cre­ator Acquired by Google


Google has announced that they’re acquiring Owlchemy Labs, a VR studio which created games like Job Simulator and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. They will add to Google’s acquisition of Tilt Brush studio in 2015.


Google has been investing heavily in virtual reality and have already delved into the tech and tested it with their products like YouTube, Street View, Photos on Daydream and Google Earth VR.

Owlchemy will continue building VR content for HTC Vive, Oculus Touch and PlayStation VR. Its Job Simulator game is the best selling game on PlayStation VR.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Owlchemy Labs to Google. They’ve created award-winning games which have really thoughtful interactive experiences that are responsive, intuitive and feel natural,” Google stated.

Owlchemy’s Job Simulator game which provides one of the finest VR experiences has gained popularity — garnering over $3 million in sales — and the company will continue ‘to focus on hand interactions and high-quality user experiences’.

“They’ve helped set a high bar for what engagement can be like in virtual worlds, and do it all with a great sense of humour,” Google added. Job Sim

VR gaming is still in its infancy and has a lot of potential to develop going forward and its popularity will also expand as and when the tech is easily accessible to the masses and has more content to offer.

“We’re insanely excited to join the Google family and we cannot freaking wait to show you what we’re concocting next at Owlchemy Labs. The future of VR is extremely bright, so we’re donning our lab goggles just in case,” Owlchemy wrote in a blog post.

Google will surely try to build games and apps for the Daydream VR project with help from guys at Owlchemy and we will probably get to hear more about the same at Google’s I/O developer conference which starts on May 17.

This announcement comes soon after Facebook’s Oculus announced that they’ll be shutting down the VR Studio to fund other projects.

Google seems to be in the lead here and seems like we’ll get to see a lot of VR content from the company in the coming months and years.

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