13 Funny Things to Ask the Google Assistant

It hasn’t been long since the Google Assistant made its debut on Android and I am sure most of you must be trying out its awesome features like smart unlock or the ability to fetch almost anything at your command. But then, did you know that it has a humorous side as well?

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Well, yeah, the Google assistant doesn’t always give typical robotic responses —  it can also whip up witty and humorous answers. So, here are 13 funny things to ask the Google Assistant and tickle your funny bone (or maybe while away your boredom).

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1.Will you Marry Me?

Alright, the loneliness bug seems to have bitten me and I got straight down to business. But alas, the lady is already committed.

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The Assistant didn’t even want to go out on a date. I would say, she has real commitment issues.

2. Have you Been Outside?

Google Assistant has a witty answer to the above and typically answers “I don’t have to worry about getting lost”. Talk about confidence.

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3. Who Let the Dogs Out?

Ask the lady who let the dogs out and she surely has an amusing reply to it. And did I mention that she rocks the who-who-who part?

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Try it, you’ll know what I mean.

4. Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

The Assistant seems to take a pragmatic view of chickens. And sometimes she’s not at all interested in chicken motives.

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And when she’s really mad, she just wonders why doesn’t the chickens just take a carpool to the other side.

5. The Over-Dramatic Assistant

Oh yes, the Assistant is as over-dramatic as it can get. Ask her if she knows to drive and she typically answers “Who needs a driver’s license when you can take me places”.

6. The Star Wars Effect

Even in your wildest dreams, if you end up thinking of yourself as Darth Vader, the assistant keeps a check on the Star Wars fan in you.

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7. What’s the Best Pickup Line

Google Assistant has a bunch of options ready for the best pick-up lines. And mind you, she doesn’t forget the love that she has for you. But as I said before, the lady has commitment issues.

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And here you were thinking that a machine can’t be an apt wingman? Quite possibly, this AI is better than your friend’s RI — real intelligence — when it comes to being your wingman.

8. Are you Friends with Siri?

Google Assistant is quite modest in her views of Siri. But then, she does see a future in their relationship, I guess? After all, Cupertino isn’t far from Mountain View.

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And if you ask her to rate herself against Siri, Google Assistant surely takes the middle road.

9. Mirror Mirror

Yeah, if you were caught scaling the wall of the ego castle, the assistant knows to put one in the right place.

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10. Do you Feel?

Wall-E taught us that robots also have feelings. And it seems the Assistant has them too. Ask about her feelings and she’ll add a funny growl to it as well.

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11. Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Of all the things that the Google Assistant can do, mind you, she’s not afraid of the dark. In fact, she takes the side of cuter things of the dark.

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12. Do I look Fat?

Ask her if she thinks you are fat, and alas, she will answer neither in the affirmative nor in the negative.

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Even my husband replies the same. Guess, I need to check my diet list again.

13. Do you Like iPhones?

And lastly, the most important question of all times — does the Google Assistant like iPhones? Naturally, the lady is an Android fan.

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These were some of the funny questions to ask the Assistant. Needless to say, she has an arsenal of funny things to say, which you can explore on your own. So, which is your favorite Google Assistant command?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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