8 Binge-Watch Wor­thy TV Shows on Net­flix Right Now


Netflix is one of the popular streaming services worldwide as they offer a huge catalogue of TV shows and movies, among other things, to its users, rivalled by only a few like Amazon Prime video service.

In order to fulfil the ever-increasing demand of their users, Netflix is looking to add more titles to their catalogue and is also hiring translators to make the current titles accessible to a wider audience.

While there are a number of upcoming series which will add to the Netflix catalogue of originals, here are some originals and otherwise that you should binge watch before moving on to the new offerings.


Follow the life of Pablo Escobar as he emerges to be one of the biggest drug lords in the history, running the largest drug cartel from Medellin, Columbia, fiercely fighting authorities and competitors at the same time and his eventual fall.

The show is narrated from the perspective of both Escobar and one of the Drug and Law Enforcement agents who is given the job of bringing down the drug cartel.

Stranger Things

If you missed out on the summer’s hype of Stranger Things, wait no more and get yourself updated. This 8-episode long first season of the series is as good as a thriller gets.  What’s even more exciting? The producers of the show are releasing the next season with nine episodes, tentatively in July 2017.

What’s even more exciting? The producers of the show are releasing the next season with nine episodes, tentatively in July 2017.


Luther is the story of an overly emotional but genius murder detective who is separated from his wife and is now struggling hard to keep up with his work while trying hard to rekindle the romance that once ruled his heart.

Follow the life of the detective played by Idris Elba in this mini-series which spans over four seasons and averages four episodes per season.

Better Call Saul

From the creators of the cult TV show Breaking Bad, comes another gripping tale of Saul Goodman — who also starred in several episodes of Breaking Bad.

Known to many as Heisenberg’s lawyer, the series follows the life of Saul — originally Jimmy McGill — who is working hard to transform himself from a street punter to a man of justice.

You’ll also get to know the background of the tough old Mike — played by Jonathan Banks. Totally binge-worthy for anyone fond of Breaking Bad.

Mad Men

Set in the 1960s, Mad Men follows the life of Don Draper, one of the most successful Ad-man in New York at the time as he tries to manage his trembling personal and exceptional professional life — both of which seem to be in shambles gradually — and how he finds peace with it all in the end.

It’s a fast-paced drama which portrays stereotypes in the society and different culture followed by various classes of people during that time — the storyline is crisp and catchy and seldom seems draggy.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Based on Lemony Snicket’s novel, A Series of Unfortunate Events follows the life of three orphans — Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire who are trying to investigate their parents’ murder while their evil guardian, Count Olaf (played by Neil Patrick Harris) is bent on getting rid of the children so that he gets to inherit their parents’ wealth.

The TV show encircles the life of these three orphans as they try and outsmart their evil guardian’s plans as the series also tickles your funny bone.


Based on the popular Archie comics, Riverdale is a teen drama series in which Archie and his friends including Veronica, Betty, and Jughead try to balance their personal life while delving deep into the mysterious death of an athlete from their school.

Is Archie in love with Veronica or Betty? Does this Jughead grow fat? Who murdered the athlete and where is Reggie? Well, the answer to the second question is ‘No’, and for all others, you need to start binge-ing.

Breaking Bad


Walter White, a Chemistry teacher, goes haywire after realising that his honest life is no good to him while he struggles to pay for his cancer treatment and supporting his family.

He sets out on a different path altogether, one which involves dealing with drugs and becoming a revered figure in the criminal world — Heisenberg.

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