Intel Chip Bugs Allows Hackers Remote Access: How to Stay Safe?


Intel has revealed that a lot of systems running on the company’s chipset has firmware vulnerability which can allow an attacker to gain access to the PC.

Intel has developed an updated firmware which ousts this vulnerability and is currently working with computer makers to integrate the update with their software for a smooth roll over.

But until the new update is available, Intel chip-powered PCs are still vulnerable to remote attacks.

“The vulnerability could enable a network attacker to remotely gain access to business PCs or devices that use these technologies,” the company stated.

The vulnerability enables the attacker to gain remote access to the keyboard and mouse of a PC even when it is switched off.

The firmware vulnerability was found on systems that utilise Intel Active Management Technology (AMT), Intel Standard Manageability (ISM) and Small Business Technology (SBT).

“Consumer PCs with consumer firmware and data center servers using Intel Server Platform Services are not affected by this vulnerability,” the company added.

How to Find Out if Your System is Vulnerable?

Intel has released a discovery tool which analyses your system for vulnerability. A set of instructions for using this tool is also available on the download page for users who are non-IT professionals.

The first link you see on the download page is the guide and the one below is the discovery tool.

For IT professionals who are well-versed with the configurations of their system and networks can also make use of the ‘security advisory’ by Intel which contains full details on the vulnerability detection and mitigation.

“We expect computer-makers to make updates available beginning the week of May 8 and continuing thereafter,” the company stated.

I Discovered a Vulnerability. Now What?

If the discovery tool detects a vulnerability, Intel has published mitigation guide in their security advisory which lists ways to protect your system while the firmware update resolving the issue are rolled out.

Intel has also mentioned that the features and capabilities of the AMT, ISM and SBTs will be unavailable if you go ahead with the mitigation.

Other than this, you can call up intel to support you through the process. Find the contact number for your location here.

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