Protect OnePlus3/3T with These Sturdy Cases and Covers

Enough has been said about the OnePlus 3/3T and its spectacular design and amazing processing powers. Though as much as we would like to see the phone in all its glory, but alas, this sleek device needs to be protected from falls, bumps or even a mere scratch.

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So no matter how great is the build or how strong is the glass, a phone cover/case sounds is a necessary accessory. So, here we are, presenting a list of 10 stylish but study cases which will protect your OnePlus 3/3T against all odds.

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1. Moko Premium ($8.99)

Moko Premium

Here’s a great case that will give a style statement to your OnePlus3/3T. And at the same time, the flexible rubberized material is designed to absorb the shock during falls and accidental bump. Though the OnePlus 3/3T doesn’t have much of a heating issue, the Moko Premium is designed to provide a cooling effect nonetheless. On the rear end, we have the brushed metal finish that assures against fingerprint smudges and sweaty residue.

Here’s the best buy link for Amazon if you are planning to buy one.

2. Fettion Faux Leather ($6.88)

Fettion Faux Leather

Looking for an affordable yet premium faux leather case? The Fettion case is a clip-on case with a non-slip leather surface that will protect your phone against all scratches, bumps or minor falls as well. It has all the necessary cutouts at the right places so that you can use all the phone accessories or charge it without bothering about the cover.

3. Oeago Rugged Protective Case ($29.99)

Oeago Rugged Protective Case

As is the signature style of Oeago, the rugged protective case is all about heavy duty protection. As we all know, that the corners are most prone to bumps and dents, the impact-resistant plastic case features extra thickness at the corners is just for that. Plus, the kickstand helps in propping the phone at any angle. And should you worry about the phone slipping, worry not, the rugged interface has got it covered.

Though it costs around $29.99, it’s available at only $6.69 on Amazon due to ongoing discounts.

4. Pleson Clear Case ($7.35)

Pleson Clear Case

Surely the OnePlus3/3T is too stunning to keep it covered and yet you want to have it protected. The answer to this is the form of Pleson Clear Case. This is no normal gel case for your phone for it comes with dot pattern perfection which enhances the visual experience and gives it a crystal clear look.

What’s more, its anti-watermark and anti-fingerprint and its raised front edges protect the screen when it’s placed face down. It’s available at Amazon for $7.35.

5.Meiya Leather Flip Cover ($11.59)

Meiya Leather Flip Cover

If you a casual user and looking for a full cover for your precious OnePlus 3/3T, then the answer is the Meiya leather flip cover. The cover is a clip-on case and adheres to the surface really well, plus the magnetic cover on the cover ensures a tighter grip on the phone.

Further, the case has slots for your business cards too. The fact that case can be propped up in any angle makes it all the more convenient. The Meiya flip cover retails at Amazon for the aforesaid price.

6. Cruzerlite TPU Case ($9.90)

Cruzerlite Tpu Case

Next in the list are the much popular Cruzerlite cases. These cases will not only appear cool with its Bugdroid designs but are also shock resistant against accidental spills and bumps.

Another noteworthy feature is that the flexible nature of the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which gently wraps around the phone body making it easy to pull it off and put it on whenever needed. It’s available in all the eight colors as shown above.

7. Tudia Omnix Case  ($17.99)

Tudia Omnix Case

The Tudia omnix case comes with a sturdy case with a built-in

screen protector

. Beyond that, Tudia has opted for three components to protect the phone — screen protector, a TPU rubber bumper that goes around the phone, and a much harder layer that protect the top and bottom bumpers.

Given the above, the OnePlus 3/3T should be prone from any accidental damage or scratches on the screen. It’s available in four colors in Amazon.

8. Pierre Cardin Leather Case ($24.99)

Pierre Cardin Leather Case

The Pierre Cardin leather case is every bit elegant as it looks. Made of genuine leather, the hand-crafted case is slim and snaps on to the phone really well. A fair point of caution — it’s not meant for daily usage as it isn’t meant for major protection, but is more so used to bring add a dash of a premium look to the already stunning OnePlus3/3T.

9. Otterbox ($39.95)

Otter Box

Last (but definitely not the least) on our list is the sturdy Otterbox case. Otterbox has established quite a name for itself as a supreme brand of protective covers for Android and iPhones. And the cases for the OnePlus 3/3T are no less. Otterbox cases provide dual-layer protection against inadvertent drops, falls or dents. The sleek case — available for $39.95 at Amazon —  fits snugly around the sides of the phone. What’s more, you can choose from a total of three colors.

10. OnePlus 3/3T Protective Case Sandstone

And how is the list complete without the mention of the in-house OnePlus cases? The OnePlus 3/3T cases provide excellent protection against the elements — drops and scratches. These cases are slim, light and snaps tightly to the phone.

They are available only in the OnePlus store in following variants Sandstone, Karbon, Black Apricot, Bamboo, and Rosewood.

So, which one will you pick up?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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