DOTA 2 Intro­duces Co-Op Cam­paign Mode: Launch in May End


Valve’s online role-playing team strategy game has announced its first ever campaign mode which is going to cost a minimum of $10 to access and is the first chargeable game mode for DOTA’s core gameplay.


Called the Siltbreaker, Dota’s multiplayer campaign will be released later this month with its second edition slated to be launched in June 2017.

The first edition of the multiplayer campaign mode is titled ‘The Sands of Fate’ and the one coming later is titled ‘A Vault in the Deep’.

Access to the game is enabled by buying Dota’s annual International Battle Pass.

Players can either buy a ‘Battle pass’ for $9.99 or $36.99 or buy ‘Levels’ which start at $2.49 for 5 levels.

“This summer, all Battle Pass owners are invited to undertake a cooperative adventure into the blackest depths of Dark Reef. You’ll need to work together if you’re to find any hope for survival,” the company stated.

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The new multiplayer campaign allows four players to team up in the new world that is known as Dark Reef — they can either be your friends or randomly queued players.

The battle will take you through some treacherous paths and you and your allies will need each other’s help in order to surpass the terrorising monsters and traps.

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“You’ll earn Campaign XP each time you play. Earn enough points to spin the Wheel of Rewards. Reach Battle Level 165 to unlock an XP booster,” the company added.

There are numerous additions to the game with new quests, prestige towers, queue trivia, relics, token wagering and much more.

Players can also collect a full set of Fantasy Player Cards to unlock special Teleport Effects, Profile Icons, and Effigy Flags. Use these to show your support for your favourite five-man team.

The DOTA 2 game client, otherwise, will remain unaffected and will still be free to play like it always has been.

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